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May 28, 2019

Fascinating Trails for Tourists

– Ghanshyam Khadka

Myagdi: Trekking via community routes are becoming more and more fascinating for the tourists in Myagdi district in recent times. This has been absolutely possible after tourism conscious community members of Magdi and Parvat districts embarked upon promoting community routes for the foreigners.

The trekking route extends from Annapurna to Dhaulagiri with the slogan “Environment-friendly village and community trail.” The Rural Municipality of Narchya, Shikh, Paudar, khiwa, Histan, Ramche, Nagi and Jaljala are keenly involved in this undertaking.

Pun Hill a attractive tourist destination in the routes
Pun Hill: An attractive tourist destination

The route giving extra fun starts from Beni and passes through Nagi, Mahare, Fulbari, Histan, Khopra tall, Khayarbrah and Tal. It also connects to Ghodepani, Tatopani and Ghundruk. This route begins after crossing 4 kilometers east from Beni. Three hours walk from here takes you to Banskharka.

The hotels here serve you with palatable organic foods that leave an indelible imprint in your mind and you will feel like visiting it again in the next season.

A community run lodge for tourists
A community run lodge for tourists

Dandakateri can be reached on the second day of trip from Baskharka after walking 3 hours across Sallary jungle. The amazing natural scenes can engage the tourists’ eyes and minds.

The tiresome journey is romanticized by the captivating nature coupled with palatable local dishes always at service of the tourists. Another attraction is Magar cultural village at Nangi at a height of 2320 meters that can be reached after additional walk of nearly 2 hours from Dandakatari.

On the third day, through jungle safari Dhima hill is reached in 4 hours. Additional 2 hours walk can take you land at 3300 high  Mahredanda. It is suggestive that since there is scarcity of water along this road, water and eatables must be arranged for this trip.

Khayar Tal an attraction in the routes
Khayar Tal (lake), an attraction

It would be risky to walk around without a guide. The easy and beautiful sights of Annapurna-Dhaulagiri ranges, sun rise and sunset from here naturally unforgettable moments for the visitors.

Mahare can be store house of information and knowledge for tourists who want to study about birds. On the fourth day, soon after breakfast one can descend to 2820-meter-high Dandakharka and reach Pun Hill which is at a height of 3210 meters.

HIstan Village, an indigenous village in the routes
Histan Village- an indigenous village on the route

Staying in the lodge and restaurants surrounded by green foliage of forest with chirping birds can be a haven for peace and tranquility.

The fifth day is to walk for 3 hours and reach Thulakarka where the variety of foods can be tested in the restaurants. 6th day walk for 3 hours will enable one to find Beni-Jomsom road and one may return to Pokhara via buses as well.

KHopra hill, romancing yaks
Khopra hill with romancing yaks

The planes flying for Beni-Jomson seem to be flying under your feet from here. Porters and local guides are available throughout the routes.

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