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May 28, 2019

Khasur Homestay : Gurung Tribe’s Living Museum

नेपालीको लागि यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोला

Khasur- a living museum of Gurung Tribe

Posted by Highlights Tourism on Monday, June 3, 2019

Khasur, a living museum of Gurung village, over 200 kilometers far from Kathmandu, can be reached after 2 hours walk on foot from Besisahar, the main town of Lamjung.

Khasur is gradually turning into a new tourist destination for both inland and foreign tourists these days.

Cultural tourism, Gurung culture
Gurung woman churning milk to produce butter

If you are eager to get in touch with the pristine traditions, culture and living habits of Gurungs-one of the indigenous ethnic groups in Nepal- you may find this village more fascinating in the form of a living museum.

Well finished houses made up of clean slab of stones, built up in uniform order with wide-open lanes in between each house can really give you a different outlook of Gurung people.

There are two routes that can lead you to Khasur village. One route is to cross the Marshyangdi River and walk on foot for at least 2 hours through Bhotefat and the other way is to board a bus on the way to Manang up to Belauti bus stop and then get down from the bus and walk for one hour. Both the trails are traditionally constructed with stones and are the best.

Khajaghar run by women group in khasur
Homestay in Nepal
Khajaghar-Snack house- run by women group

If you own a vehicle, it is easier to reach Khasur as you can reach Khasur in half an hour after crossing the Bhachauk river.

The facility of homestay for nearly 40 tourists are available in the village.

The tourist arrivals in this village are given warm welcome by playing music in a boisterous manner.

It is your choice whether you would like to eat in groups or individually. Pragati Nari Samuha (a women group) is proactive to manage your logistics needs.

The village here can give you a vivid view of how a rural life thrives amidst hectic life.

A traditional gurung village in Nepal
Homestays for tourists
A view of village

Some are brewing domestic liquor, some are cleaning granaries, some are milking cows and some are churning milk, while others can be seen heading towards the fields with spades on their shoulders, while few women are engaged in traditional blanket weaving task.

Weaving a fishing net in homestays for Tourists
Man weaving a fishing net

Some are weaving net to catch fishes and some are weaving bamboo baskets. Senior citizens are exchanging their past experiences and few are moving their fingers on handloom machines.

Frank and candid villagers would not mind stopping their ongoing activities to welcoming you and asking you about your whereabouts.

A traditional house, Cultural tourism
A traditional house

They will readily support you in taking their photographs to make your visit memorable.

Local dish -Cel Roti.

Women group’s snack kitchen is being appreciated the most these days. The demand is rising for a palatable dish consisting of local products, basically cock meat, Sel roti, and other tasty edible items.

A monastery located in the southern part of this village is another attraction for the tourists from where you can see Besisahar. So, wouldn’t you like to visit Khasur to study Gurung’s cultural and traditional rituals?

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