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May 29, 2019

Baijanath’s Famous Peda Shop

Whoever visits eastern Nepal, returns home after acquainting himself with Baijanath’s Peda (sweet).

Baijanath Peda (sweet) is famous on the east-west Mahendra Highway about 300 km away from Kathmandu.

The peda (sweet) shops are stretched over an area of nearly one kilometer at Barmammajhiya, situated in the Saptahari district of Nepal.

All bus passengers passing through this route from Kathmandu or any western part of Nepal, usually stop here and buy peda (sweet) for their homes.

Peda- is a kind of sweet made out of milk and sugar. However, it is not everybody’s cup of tea to locate the original peda shop owned by Baijanath Shah because all peda shopkeepers vehemently claim that they are the original peda shop keepers.

They are all imposters. They are just beating about the bush for Baijanath Shah’s soul is resting in peace.

Baijanath Shah was the first pioneer to start the business of peda at Barmammajhiya after his cow and buffalo milk could not be sold to towns in the absence of towns nearby.

So, Baijanath Shah started manufacturing peda (sweet) individually and started to sell it to all passengers, who passed on this route from anywhere.

Baijanath’s idea worked and his peda earned name and fame within no time. All buyers started appreciating his sweet.

Now, more than 100 peda shops are selling peda to the bus passengers and harvesting a good profit daily.

During off-seasons, 12 to 15 kgs and in seasons, 35 to 40 kg peda are sold daily. However, our team tried to identify the original peda shop, but no one could tell us about the original sweet shop.

Now, we leave onto you that if you ever pass through this route, by any means try to locate Baijanath’s original peda-sweet- shop.

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