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June 2, 2019

10k kg Garbage & Four Dead Bodies Collected…

Kathmandu: A joint expedition team of government, Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Tourism Board including others collected and brought down at least 4 dead bodies and 10000 kgs of garbage from the Everest in a bid to gear up the major Everest cleanup campaign this year.

Porter carrying garbage

Under the campaign, 8 Sherpas had gone up to Camp-4 to collect the garbage said Tika Ram Gurung, secretary of NMA engaged in the cleanup campaign.

Sherpas collecting garbage

The campaign was headed by Khambu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality, while participating stakeholders included Nepal government’s Ministry of Forests and Environment, Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal Army, government of Province No-1 and NMA among others.

Garbage stored at Base camp

The topics related to piling up of heaps of garbage and carcass of dead bodies on Everest were not new for national and international media in the past.

dead bodies brought to base camp

The government had also earlier made it a mandatory condition to all Everest expedition teams to collect and bring down at least 8 kgs of garbage with them to withdraw their deposit worth 4000 dollars.

However, the government and NMA efforts to minimize the garbage across the Everest region had gone unheeded and the region was turning into a junkyard of debris.

Sherpas on the way to Everest for clean up campaign

This is reportedly the highest Everest cleanup campaign undertaken by concerned stakeholders so far the sources said.

Dead bodies being ferried dowanwards
Tents for Clean up campaign
wrapped up dead bodies
Garabage being collected and arranged
Dead body of unknown mountaineer
Garbage and tents
Garbage under collection process
Sherpas approaching Everest in search of garbage
Garbage collected
Collecting Garbage
Carcass of deads being arrnaged for transportation
Dead body being listed form snow pit

Photo by Lala Gurung and SPCC

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