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June 5, 2019

Emergency Everest Rescue Operation

Every year hundreds of national as well as international mountaineers intend to reach atop Mt Everest.

Thousands of Sherpas, Sardars, porters, and assistants reach the Everest Base Camps along with the Mountaineers.

Few of them die during the expedition, some are maimed during an accident, and few might suffer from various illness.

What to do during an accident or sickness above the Base camp?

The rescue operation at Everest is as much risky as mountaineering.

According to mountaineers, a helicopter can come for the rescue, but there is no place for landing.

Therefore, the sick persons are brought down up to base camp- wrapped up and tied to a rope suspended from the helicopter.

The dead persons dying during climbing are also brought to the base camp in a similar manner.

At least 600 mountaineers undergo the medical treatment each year at Base camp Health Post according to Himalayan Rescue Association officials.

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