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June 9, 2019

Exploring the Mystical Hinterlands of Dolpa

A views of  upper Dolpo
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Trekking n Nepal
A views of upper Dolpo
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Daring escapades with wild and mystical hinterlands of Upper and Lower Dolpa will give you an extra adventurous reveling experience which you should not miss during your sojourn in Nepal.

Reveling in Wilderness in Upper-Dolpo

Exploring into the Upper Dolpo region may be daring to romance with wild escapades at 4000 meters high from sea level, where wilderness accosts you with its bountiful benedictions of Himalayan ranges, captivating deep lakes.

If your heartthrobs for it then you are right. Upper Dolpo is one of the least developed regions of Nepal in the mid-western region of Karnali, which has motorable trails only in the Lower Dolpo region.

The vast isolated wild region teeming with icy peaks, snow leopard, blue sheep, musk deer, yaks, mules and galloping horse, green meadows, green pine trees lies in between Tibetan plateau to the north of Dhaulagiri mountain ranges.

The area was not explored until 1989. Upper Dolpo was exposed to the outside world more after the famous -Oscar-nominated film -The Caravan -was released.

The most coveted trekking trails to Upper Dolpo begins from Juphal as you need to take a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and then take another flight from Nepalgunj to Juphal.

It may take around 4 weeks from Juphal to reach Upper Dolpo. During this trip you will be fascinated to peek into spectacular landscape of famous Kang-la, Shey-La, Choi-La Pass above 5000 meters, pristine Monasteries, Rhododendron, Oaks, Shey-Phoksundo Lake, Shey-Phoksundo National Park, Kanjirowa and Crystal Mountain, Nomadic Bon culture of Tibetan Buddhists, Shey Gompa, Yangze Gompa and Bon-Gompa, frolicsome Yaks, horses, sheep and mules.

Favorable Seasons

Usually, summer and Monsoon are considered suitable for this trekking as heavy snowfall in winter may create adverse circumstances for your trekking.

Lower Dolpo: Mystical land of wonders

LOwer Dolpo
Trekking in Nepal
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A view of lower Dolpo
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Daring to explore the vast barren and wild landscape, cascade, Shey-Phoksundo lake, ancient monasteries, spotting elusive leopard, blue sheep and wild yak, and mingling with the primordial Bon-Po culture 4000 meters above sea level is really going to make you  restless until you physically step into this mystical land of hidden wonders and pleasures.

The trekking trails to lower Dolpo treks starts from Jhupal after making flights from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and then to Jhupal airstrip.

The trekking trail can be challenging and adventurous enough that follows a serpentine route through the dense pine trees, passes through sloppy steep mountains and let you enjoy the vivid sight of mystical and adorable beauty of nature that seems to embrace you with a touchy feeling of its breast.

It may take round about 18 days to accomplish traversing Lower Dolpo circuit in the western Nepal and romance with high passes-Numa-La and Baga-la and peek at serene water of sacred Phoksundo lake and Phoksundo National Park.

Walking for at least 6-7 hours per day can only benefit you to enjoy this adventurous trekking and peep at the icy caps of Kanirowa Himalan ranges.

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