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June 10, 2019

Bhaktapur Durbar Square: Majestic Medieval Palace

Icon of the Bhaktapur, Nyatapola Temple Cultural tour in Nepal
Icon of the Bhaktapur, Nyatapola Temple
Photo: Lala Gurung/Highlightstourism

Bhadgaon or Khopa Bhaktapur is the primordial name of this medieval city, which is still resplendent with regal medieval historical monuments, traditional culture, wooden arts, crafts and potteries professed by the indigenous Newar community-one of the indigenous tribes in Nepal.

The main charming sites are monuments of King Bhupendra Malla, Nyatapola temple, 55-windowed palace of Bhakatpur Durbar Square, Peacock Window and Golden Gate.

Temple of Bhairav Nath

Dedicated to fiery nature of Hindu God – Bhairav or lord Shiva, the temple is built in pagoda style and is bewitching enough for the tourists.

Nyatapola Temple

In Newari dialects, the term “Nyatapola” hints for a sense of ‘five stories,’ of which the temple is made, which are said to be the symbols of five basic elements.

The medieval temple built in pagoda style is the highest and biggest pagoda ever made with such a magnificent artistic tapestry and incredible architectural finishing touch, exhibiting unmatched masterpiece and master mind.

Fifty-five Window Palace

It was King Yaksha Malla in 1427 AD, who ordered for this monument to be erected. And his follower King Bhupatindra Malla in the 17 -centuries for the second time ordered for this palace to be remodeled.

This is one of the ancient monuments that still exists in Nepal and continues to captivate more and more foreigners for its exotic and artistic wood carving and intricate structural designs.

Golden Gate

Ancient King Ranjit Malla is said to have built this golden gate, which lies at the entrance of the royal palace of 55-windows.

The charm of this gate is its intricate beauty of decorative embellishment with figures of mythical griffin, two nymphs, Hindu goddess Kali and Garuda.

“The loveliest piece of art in the whole kingdom” said, Percy Brown, an English art critic and historian after visiting this Golden Gate.

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