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June 12, 2019

659 Summit Everest & Eight Die

Everest Climbers pose for a photo
Photo by Pur Bahadur Gurung

Kathmandu: A total of 659 mountaineers summited Everest in this Spring season 2019 and 8 died while 1 climber is missing according to a press statement released by government’s department of tourism Wednesday.

In all 44 expedition teams were allowed permission to climb Everest with 642 sardars, guides and Sherpas to support the climbers on the way. Of the total climbers 378 were only assistants who accompanied with the climbers.

The press release also stated that the government’s attention was seriously drawn towards recent media reports related to alleged deaths of climbers due to Everest traffic jam and excessive peak permission granted.

The press statement clarified that the deaths of climbers were because of high altitude, unfavorable weather, and physical weakness and not because of Everest jam or excessive peak permissions.

It was also disclosed that the government has already formed a 5-member committee under department of tourism to make a thorough study of such issues to sort out what could be done to bring remedial measure to address such critical issues in the future.

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