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June 12, 2019

Peace Seekers’ Sacred Site

Mayadevi Mandir in Lumbini, birthplace of lord Buddha, world heritage site in Nepal
Mayadevi Mandir in Lumbini, birthplace of lord Buddha

Lumbini, an epitome of pilgrimage for all believers of Buddhism from Nepal and abroad is an indispensable religious site that a Buddhist or non-Buddhist must visit in one’s lifetime.

Situated at least 300 kilometers far from Kathmandu, Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, who was known as Siddhartha in his childhood.

Born in 623 BC in the royal palace, Siddhartha later renounced his royal status, wife, son and strolled into the forest in search of knowledge to get freedom from the bondage of life cycle. He was in search of the ultimate knowledge that could salvage the humanity from the cycle of life and death.

After seven years of severe meditation, Siddhartha got his enlightenment and attained the very title of “Buddha” or the person who is enlightened. His preaching related to Buddhism influenced many people and spread to China, Japan, Thailand, Burma, and Sri Lanka among others.

Many monasteries built by Nepal, India, Cambodia, Japan China, Thailand, Sri-lanka, and Myanmar can be seen on the premises of Lumbini, which are fascinating and exotic monuments for a tourist as these monuments give you a different picturesque view of different architectural artifacts from around the world.

Maya Devi temple and the exact location of Lord Buddha’s birthplace can be visited here. Economic as well expensive and comfortable hotels are gradually sprouting in the vicinity of the Lumbini for your sojourn.

Maya Devi Temple:

The very spot where this temple is positioned is the spiritual site where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam in about 563 BC, who after attaining spiritual enlightenment gained the status of Lord Buddha and became a world-famous entity from Buddhist religious point of view.

Indian emperor Ashoka the great who latter on became Buddha’s disciples came to Lumbini and built the pillar of Ashoka to commemorate the birth place of Lord Buddha.


About 25 km west of Lumbini is located Tilorakot-the spiritual venue, where Buddha spent most of his 29 years of life. Believers of Buddhism hardly fail to visit this site when they are sojourning at Lumbini. It is a matter of great pride that the least country like Nepal has Lumbini as the world-renown heritage enlisted in the list of UNESCO which is a newly added feather to the crest of Nepal’s sovereignty, sanctity, integrity, and indelible entity.

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