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June 17, 2019

Basic Training for Climbing Kicks off

Participants of Basic Mountaineering Training organized by NMA
Participants of Basic Mountaineering Training organized by NMA

Kathmandu: Basic climbing training for mountaineers organized by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) kicks off in Kathmandu.

A total of 42 trainees comprising of 40 males and 2 females are undergoing this years’ training which will last for 35 days, although such training usually lasted for 45 days in the previous years.

However, NMA this year decided to reduce the number of days to 35. 10 training instructors are engaged as instructors and all the participants are undergoing the training with a partial scholarship.

The government has declared 414 mountain peaks open for a summit. In order to submit those peaks, hundreds of foreigners arrive in Nepal for whom thousands of guides and helpers are required to support the foreign climbers.

NMA training coordinator Tulsi Gurung told that such training is regularly organized and is essential to ensure additional safety and professionalism in mountaineering.

“Theoretical knowledge is imparted to the trainees at the beginning, then rock climbing is done at Hattiban based field,” said Mulal Gurung, one of the trainers.

Trainee Chhiring Yangji Sherpa said that she learned about important aspects of mountaineering through rock climbing, including how to use and manage safety measures during climbing. NMA has trained over 1500 mountaineers since 1979.

Chief trainer of rock climbing, Pasang Wangchu Sherpa said, “Such training supports mountaineering skill as it helps to climb highest peaks like Everest and other peaks in stretching climbing ropes and moving in support of ropes.”

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