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June 19, 2019

Maya Gurung & Associates Summit Jugal (Gyalchen) Peak for First Time

Maya and her team on Jugal peak. Photo: Sindhu Tourism Council

Kathmandu:Mountaineer Maya Gurung summited Jugal (Gyalchen) peak (6151 meters) for the first time along with her associates on April 9,2019, according to a press meet organized by Trekking Agencies Association Nepal (TAAN) in Kathmandu Tuesday.

“I heard locals say that Jugal peak is a paradise and I felt it is exactly the same, when I reached on the top of the peak,” said Gurung, while speaking in the press meet.

Gurung has already summited highest peaks like Everest and other Himalayas. However, for her the experience of summiting Jugal peak was compleletly different. She also said that she saw differnt images on stones and trunks of trees.

Other climbers who also climbed Jugal peak included Milan Tamang, Sharmila Thapa while guides included Tulsing Gurung, Nar Bahadur Asthayi, Ash Bahadur Gurung and Samir Gurung. The expedition team took almost 12 days to climb Jugal peak.

Gurung also told that when other climbers did not show any interest towards Jugal peak so near to Kathmandu, she felt that she should take the initiative first.

Maya and her exp team en route to Jugal peak. Photo: Sindhu Tourism Council

The government had given persmisson for Jugal peak in 2014. However, no body took permission to summit this peak for last five years untill Gurung opted to attempt this peak.

Only 145 km far from Kathmandu, Jugal and Langtang peak ranges that fall in Sindhupalchowk district has at least 26 Himalayan peaks above 6000 meters, of which several are yet to be opened for mountaineering purpose.

The climbing expedition was jointly supported by provincial government -3 under Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment and Jugal Rural Municipality. The provicial government including other institutions allocated a budget of Rs 4.8 million to support this expedition.

Member of Provincial Assembly Nima Lama streesed that increased publicity about the Jugal peak in future would enhance the tourism in this region.

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