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June 19, 2019

Showcasing Cultures during Protest against’Guthi Bill’

Valley Indigenous Peoples' Protest against Guthi Bill

save culture and save guthi Kathmandu: Indigenous peoples’ of Kathmandu took to the streets in protest against the government’s “Guthi Bill” registered in the parliament, alleged to distort their traditional cultures.

save culture save guthiLocals, specially, Newar community, who are mainly engaged in cultural guthi system,in Kathmandu have blamed that the government guthi bill was a drive to deprive the Newars of their guthi system and properties.

save culture save guthiAfter agitated civil mob created huge pressure on the streets for few days, Minister for Land Reform Padma Aryal on Monday declared to withdrew the ‘guthi bill’, although protesters still continue to agitate on the streets of Mandala.

save culture save guthi
Although it was a protest rally, the local Newari people fairly exhibited their traditional cultures with the melodious sound of drums in the protest. The agitating mob of Newar among others are demanding total annulment of the bill.

save guth save culture

save guthi save culure

save guthi save culture

save guthi save culture

Photo: Lala Gurung/Highlights Tourism

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