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June 24, 2019

Khaptad Region Trekking: Hidden Shangri-La

Snow Leopard with Satellite Radio Collar, Photo Khaptad national park
Snow Leopard with Satellite Radio Collar, Photo: Sanjog Rai/WWF/DNPWC/ KNP Website

Khaptad area still poses as less explored, hidden and mystical land of Shangri-La for most of the explorers and tourists, who have not yet been there for reasons such as being far off from Kathmandu, airport, and highway, etc.

Khaptad region is 3200 meters high and sparsely spread in the area of 225 kilometers in Khaptad National Park and lies in the midpoint of Accham, Doti, Bajura, and Bazhang districts.

The region and national park are named after a well-renowned saint- Khaptad Baba- who is said to have meditated here for more than 50 years. That’s why it is famous for spiritual pilgrimage too.

The region is replete with an exotic landscape with many inclined meadows, suffused with vivid flora and fauna. 270 species of birds, 225 kinds of medicinal herbs and 11% of Nepal’s flowering plants can be found here.

Wild boar, deer and langur monkeys are commonly found in this park. The magnificent view of Mt. Api, Mt Malika and Saipal, Khaptad lake and upper Tribeni can be seen from here.

Khaptad National Park
Photo : From KNP’s Facebook page.

Favorable Time to Trek

The most favorable time to go on a trekking to this hidden region is in the months of July and August when Hindu devotees come to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva or Pashupatinath here.

How to get there?

This region is around 500 km from Kathmandu for the bus route along the highway. But one can get to the Khaptad region or Khaptad National Park either by chartering a helicopter or by taking a trekking route. Take a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj or Dhangadi and then take a bus up to Budhikhola. Then, take a Jeep to reach Silgadi from where you start your trekking journey while enjoying the beautiful landscape ornamented by an abundance of oak and rhododendron.

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