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June 30, 2019

Canyoning at Jalbire Waterfall


Chitwan’s Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality is all set to promote a number of tourist destinations, in order to promote tourism in the region. The Chitwan district coordination committee is also bent upon promoting potential tourist destinations in the district.

The first instance of promoting tourist spot is Jalbire waterfall- suitable for Canyoning-located in Chitwan’s Ichchhakamana- 5. Canyoning as adventure tourism is attracting the tourists in recent days.

Canyoning Canyoning was organized in 102-meter long Jalbire waterfall in the last weekend of May 2019.

According to Canyoning instructor Rudra Bahadur Gurung, canyoning is less risky at Jalbire waterfall. Gurung also told that Jalbire waterfall has a good possibility for rock climbing as well as a shortfall for children.

Mr. Gurung said that the Jalbire waterfall was possibly the longest and most exciting waterfall in Nepal, which has abundant opportunities for tourism. “This waterfall can be a good spot for tourism if both canyoning and rope access are combined and local youths are mobilized through training. At first, it may be little awkward to descend but the experience can make you confident,” he said.

Jalbire waterfall
Jalbire waterfall

Gurung, also divulged that there was a probability for rock climbing and shortfall for children by fixing a few anchor points in the waterfall. However, only weather forecasting should be taken care of before engaging in this sporting adventure.

District Coordination Committee (DCC) of Chitwan and Ichchha Rural Municipality are working together to promote this waterfall as a tourist destination.

Canyoning at Jalbire waterfallChairperson of Chitwan DCC, Krishna Kumar Dallakoti said that the Chitwan DCC has been working for a long time to promote the Jalbire waterfall as a tourist spot. “We are working together to finalize several tourist destinations in Chitwan in coordination with Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality,” said Dallakoti.

Jalbire is just 117 km far from Kathmandu and possesses rich pristine cultures of Gurung tribe to watch for the tourists. Combined efforts of the provincial government, district, and local body are rapidly underway to promote this waterfall as one of the attractive spots for tourism.

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