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July 1, 2019

Exotic Trekking through Massif Dhaulagiri

HB Kham

dhaula main picDhaulagiri massif seen from plains

Elevated to a height of 8167 meters above sea level, the magnificent, massive massif-Dhaulagiri peak is not only the seventh highest peaks in the world but also presents the exotic view of base camp, gorgeous glaciers and ice covered passes that perennially attracts the attention of tourists.

The splendor of Dhaulagiri is not limited to this. The enchanting view of the exotic landscape, snow-capped peaks like Manaslu, Annapurna and other Himalayan ranges besides Dhaulagiri poses irresistible attraction for the tourists and a paradise for any wanderer.

ice fallDhaulagir Icefall

The initial point for trekking starts at the confluence of Myagdi River and Kali Gandaki Gorge that takes you up to see the magnificent splendor of the Dhaulagiri. The Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek takes you through two breathtaking gigantic mountain passes such as French pass which is 5360 meters high and another pass named Dhampus pass which is 5234 meters high.

The treasure of vibrant flora and fauna, hills and agricultural lands, primitive rustic living styles and cultures that the local people still exhibit are some of the indispensable things to observe which you may not be able to find in the modern urban cities. Beni is the main point of starting your trekking journey to traverse through Darbang, Muri and Caribbean villages.

Of course, it is a strenuous journey for which you must be physically fit enough to take up this trekking job. That’s why despite it being the most cherished and coveted trekking region, very few explorers or tourists opt to join the trekking team to go around the Dhaulagiri circuit in their lifetime for a lifetime experience. Those who miss this adventure miss their lifetime experience.

What is a suitable season?
The weather conditions are likely to undergo changes.
However, the months of September and November in Autumn are considered good for trekking in this region.

How to get there?
To reach the Dhaulagiri circuit trek region, you need to take a flight to Pokhara from Kathmandu, then take drive till Darbang village to set up your first trekking camp here for 18-20 days trekking in this region.

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