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July 2, 2019

Betting on Life for Cliff Bee Honey Hunting

honey huntingBetting the risk of life for cliff bee honey hunting is Lamjung’s aboriginal tradition. Every year, honey hunting is practiced in most of the Lamjung’s Gurung population dominant villages.

Gurung tribe takes honey hunting as part of their original tradition. For different reasons, this tradition is on the verge of extinction. So, in order to revive it, honey hunting has been practiced at Marshyangdi Rural Municipality-4, Choveli cliff.

hony hunting Honey hunting was practiced at steep Choveli cliff under the leadership of local Kanya Devi Club for which one person from each house out of 60 houses including two Indians were allowed to participate.

Four liters of honeycomb were collected during the honey hunting led by local youth Raj Kumar Gurung. Hundreds of common people had gathered to watch the honey hunting from a dangerously steep cliff by even betting the risk of life.

honey huntingLocals carrying rope ladder to use during honey hunting

Other local hunters were Min Bahadur Gurung, Dil Bahadur Gurung, and Kam Bahadur Gurung.  The hunters had collected honeycomb from across the dangerous cliff by hanging from a ladder made of bamboo and wood.

honey hunting cliffHoney hunting cliff

The club chairperson and chief of honey hunting team Raj Kumar Gurung said that honey hunting was practiced to promote tourism in the area, and to hand over this traditional practice to the new generation to conserve this tribal tradition, which is on the verge of extinction.

Honey hunting is practiced two times a year after the villagers find out the location of the honeybee. Nar Bahadur Gurung said, “Honey hunting is rarely done. However, foreigners are interested in it. Tourism may be promoted if this traditional practice is continued. Increased tourists will support our local economy.”

Ward chairperson Suman Gurung said that in order to protect honey hunting as a traditional practice, training will be organized. The Indians who had participated in the honey hunting practice had donated Rs 70,000 as financial support to the local club.


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