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July 2, 2019

Climbers Deny Traffic Jam at Mt. Everest


NMANMA organized interaction program

Kathmandu: Professionals associated with mountaineering field at an interaction program complained against exaggerated use of death toll and traffic jam during the Everest summit.

Speaking during an interaction program organized by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Environment Conservation Committee in Kathmandu Monday, the participants complained that not only the mountaineering field but the country was also defamed by overlooking at the facts of Everest climbing and mountaineering, when few foreign media carried baseless news rumors about Everest traffic jam and death toll and few responsible government officials also commented negatively against the mountaineering.

The speakers also warned against adverse consequences of the ‘voices’ coming from various corners against the Everest climbing, on the occasion of “Nepal Visit 2020’.


The main suggestions of the mountaineers and professionals

  • Management of Rescue team
  • Management of separate safety rope for climbing and descending
  • Ensuring the mandatory experience of other higher mountain peaks before attempting Everest.
  • Physically unfit persons should not be allowed to climb.
  • An unhealthy climbing competition should be stopped.
  • Ban on use of helicopter except during rescue operation
  • Ensure financial support for cleaning of garbage by collecting a certain amount of money and no deposit of collateral.
  • Ensure the effective role of liaison officer


This year’s Everest summit was rumored with traffic jam and death of few climbers, which was covered by major national and international media and the same issue, was raised by BBC during Prime Minister K.P Oli’s visit to the UK.

Climbers and professionals disclosed that the causes of deaths of climbers at Everest were due to the inability to make use of safety measures, lack of experience, and obstinacy in summiting Everest at any cost.

Climber and professional Kami Sherpa said, “There was traffic jam for some time while going and coming. The government should make a policy of permitting the climbers, who take permit first to climb first.  The climbing can also be made safe by keeping separate safety rope for ascending and descending.”

Director General of Department of Tourism Dandu Raj Ghimire said that all the suggestions given were valuable and all efforts will be made to implement them as far as possible.

Similarly, NMA Chairperson Santa Bir Lama said that all the suggestions collected h will be submitted to the government. Lama also stressed that all should have a common voice that there was no traffic jam at the Everest.

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