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July 14, 2019

Nature and culture-based tourism will be promoted: Juddha Gurung

Juddha Gurung Juddha Gurung

Kathmandu: Gandaki provincial government’s recently appointed coordinator for Gandaki tourism year Mr. Juddha Bahadur Gurung said that ‘nature and culture’ based tourism to promote local products will be bolstered in the upcoming visit years.

The Gandaki provincial government had appointed Gurung to head the internal visit year 2019, visit Nepal 2020, Infrastructure preparation year 2021, and international Visit year 2022.

In an exclusive interview with highlights tourism, Mr. Gurung said that since Gandaki province has received foreign tourists from 168 countries in the past, the tourism infrastructure should be further developed to bring in more tourists in the future.

“Gandaki is topographically located in the center from all sides for tourist inflow. Of the total number of tourists arriving in Nepal, 33% of tourist land in the Gandaki region. We have built 300 homestays to target the stay of tourists,” said Gurung.

Highlighting the need to promote local products, nature, and culture-based tourism, Gurung further added, “If we don’t promote local products, then the tourism will not promote our local economy. So, honey hunting and yarsha gumba harvesting festivals may be organized.”

He also divulged that since the number of Chinese and Indian tourists had risen to 15000 and 48000 respectively after the recent visit of the Indian Prime Minister in this region, there are more possibilities for increment in the influx of tourists in the future.

An annual calendar for tourist’s destinations and activities like festivals will be finalized to tie up with tour and trekking operators to boost up visit years, added Gurung.

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