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July 15, 2019

Breathtaking Kayaking and Rafting in Karnali River

HB Kham

river rafting in karnaliRiver rafting in Karnali river

Raging foamy water waves sucking in and spitting you out of the rapids and gorge are the exotic and fantastic adventurous rafting and kayaking experience that you may revel in the Karnali River of far western Nepal deemed to be one of the longest and biggest rivers of Nepal.

The main source of the river Karnali is Tibet’s Mt. Kailash. It usually meanders through the Tibetan plateau and via Himalaya into the lush green western forest.

The river gets its torrential form and paves the way for adventurous rafting and kayaking for domestic as well as foreign lovers of this adventure.

The Karnali gorge lets the paddler and traveler encounter breathtaking moments of excitement and escapades coupled with glimpses of the lush green forest, rustic rural life along with living flora and fauna including spotting tigers, leopards, monkeys, mongoose, deer and brown bears.

How to get there?

It takes around 22-24 hours to travel via bus or at least one-hour flight to Barendranagar airstrip from Kathmandu airport.

It will take around 6-7 days to grapple with the last raging water waves until you come to the end of your rafting routine as you need to cross 180 km distance of the meandering river.

The expert river guides can make your rafting and kayaking more romantic and exciting with some indelible imprints of the moments that will be carried with the paddler.

Rafting in the Karnali River is really a stunning experience while Bardia National Park waiting, on the other hand, awaits you with jungle safari to foment your exciting moments of enjoyment.

All necessary equipment for this river trip is arranged by the rafting operators who will be always at your beck and call round the clock. You just have to call them to ask what’s going on with the upcoming routine.

If you are not a good swimmer then you need to inform the operators for the help you need. They will arrange things accordingly.

Best time for rafting.

September to early December and March to June are the best time for river rafting

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