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July 22, 2019

Seven Captivating Lakes of Pokhara

  • HB Kham

Seven lake in PokharaNepal is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. There are high altitude lakes as well. But today we will focus on only seven major lakes found in Pokhara.

These lakes are the major center of attraction for foreign tourists. These lakes are so crystal clear that you can easily see the reflection of your image in the lake.

  1. Begnas Lake
seven lake in Pokhara
Begnas Lake

The largest of the lakes found in Pokhara is Begnas Lake. It lies towards the east of the Begnas Municipality. This lake always remains crowded with visitors. The lake is popular for picnics, excursion, and tours. Few good hotels provide logistics facilities with palatable cuisine.

  1. Fewa Lake (Fewa Taal)
Fewa lake, Seven lake in Pokhara.
Image of Machapuchare seen in Fewa lake

Fewa Lake in Pokhara is the second biggest lake and one of the major centers of tourist attractions. The lake is located at an elevation of 742 meters above sea level. It is extensive to an area of 5.23 square kilometers and a depth of over 8.6m.

The freshwater lake also known as Phewa Tal or Fewa Lake is stream-fed but dam regulated. The landmarking charm of the lake is its lustrous grandeur with a fish-tailed summit of Machhapuchhre (6,993m) rearing on the background.

What is amazing about this lake is that on a clear day, a tantalizing image of Mt. Annapurna is created inside the lake which seems magical and mesmerizing to the tourist.

A countless number of multi-colored boats and sails are seen lined up on the shore waiting for the visitors to take a ride across the lake.

Just in the middle of the lake lies a temple of Brahmi, where people throng to offer their prayers along with their family members.

Swimming is also sought along with the entertaining activities like boating and fishing, except that one should not bet one’s life to dive into the deeper parts of the lake.

  1. Rupa Lake

This lake is also the second largest lake in lekhnath and third biggest in Pokhara city. It is famous for its natural beauty. The lake is situated in a peaceful area. Hundreds of tourists annually visit this lake for boating.

  1. Maidi Lake

This is the third-largest lake among the seven lakes in Pokhara and seven lakes at Lekhnath.

Birds and lotus flowers are found in abundance in this lake. So, this lake is meant to promote biodiversity as well.

  1. Dipang Lake

Dipang Lake is one of the listed wetlands and is the fourth largest lake in the city. Picnic spots are popular at this lake. It is good for sightseeing.

  1. Khaste Lake

The fifth-largest lake is Khaste Lake in lekhnath. It is famous for festivals and religious worship. Fishing activities are also popular with this lake.

  1. Gunde Lake

This lake is the seventh biggest in the city, covers a small area that lies close to Nyureni Lake.

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