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July 24, 2019

Breathtaking escapades with Sunkoshi River rafting

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sunkoshi river rafting
White water rafting in Sunkoshi River

If you are desiring to venture for breathtaking escapades with river rafting and kayaking in one of the world renowned top ten rivers of Nepal, then it’s Sukoshi River which in local language means ‘a river of god’.

Rafting in Sunkoshi that commences from Dolalghat is not only thrilling, exciting, challenging and spectacular but also the longest rafting trips you ever have.

The only thing you should remember is that you must have a practice of paddling in the water so that you can easily grapple with raging rapids while rafting in Sunkoshi.

The extra fun and enjoyment of river rafting will become more and more thrilling as the trip becomes romantic with the fascinating natural scenarios, gorgeous gorges, mountains, culturally rich villages, green forest, sandy shores, troops of monkeys, typical valley, birds flying across the river with their melodious voices and local people waving their hands at you in the surroundings.

Needless to say, your adventurous rafting and kayaking trip in the ‘river of gold’ will become unforgettable for your lifetime and you will feel like coming back to Nepal once again to rejoice the same exciting and thrilling moments in Sunkoshi River.

270 km trip of rafting in this river of gold from Dolalghat to Chatra offers a real excitement, thrill and taste of white water rafting and paradise on earth.

Both river rafting and kayaking are equally popular ad classic for the adventurous rafters in the world.  Barring a few raging and difficult rapids like Harkapur the other rapids are of class 3 which can be tamed while rafting.

The end of 8 days challenging rafting and kayaking trip in Sunkoshi River will bring you to open plains and the hustling village of Chatara.  The water of Sunkoshi stems from the snow melted water of Langtang and Phubichyachu Mountain. The Sukoshi River continues to flow through the green plains until it mingles with the Indian river of  Ganga.

Raging rapids in Sunkoshi may vary from grades III to V and are named differently depending upon the experience of the expert rafters. Kayaking and rafting in the river of Sunkoshi are more challenging and difficult because the mood of Sunkoshi is always unpredictable and uncertain. It may look calm at sometimes and the next moment it may turn wild and turbulent.

The excitement of using relaxing canyons, refreshing cascades, exploring bat caves, temples, and setting up tents for respite on sandy beaches are the natural things that will multiply your excitement and enjoyment while rafting in the water.

How to get there?

Sunkoshi is about 57 km from Kathmandu. Drive to Dhumja for about 3 hours in a vehicle and begin your white water river rafting and kayaking.

Best time for Rafting and Kayaking

The months from September to December and January to May are the best time for river rafting and kayaking in Sunkoshi River.




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