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July 25, 2019

Gurja: New tourist destination in Myagdi

gurja village
Gurja village

The remotest and hidden Gurja village of one of the minority indigenous groups of Nepal known as Chhantyals located within the world famous Dhorpatan hunting conservation area of Mayagdi district is gradually turning into tourist destination nowadays.

The village is a traditional habitat of 142 Chantyal households. The village is situated at an elevation of 3220 meter above sea level. It remains covered with thick snow throughout four months that makes it sever its connection with the rest of the outside world during winter season and remains inaccessible for these four months.This Chantyal village is said to be the biggest and remotest in Nepal.

Gurje has not only become the central hub for adventure trail, valuable herbs and dozens of environmental expedition, but also become the center of ecotourism now, thereby creating several identities for itself rather than remaining limited to one identity.

It takes at least 8 hours to walk on foot to reach any of the surrounding neighboring villages that makes it the remotest living museum of Chantyal and an eye window to the outside world to observe its pristine civilization, traditional cultures, traditions and history.

This village trail can be used to reach up to Yarsha trail of Rukum Taksera, Dolpa and Dhaulagiri base camp, thereby enabling it to gradually develop into a tourist adventure trail.

The village located in Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality-1 has started a campaign known as “Tourism campaign against poverty,” says herbal and tourism entrepreneur and ward chairman Jhak Bahadur Chantyal.

The new tourist destination of Gurja village offers a panoramic view of rustic village life replete with frolicsome movement of cattle rearing, rural livelihood dependent upon maize, potatoes, wheat, barley, yarshagumba, wild mushroom and herbal plants. These flitting sights can be very exciting and exotic to observe as travel lover.

Gurja village
Gurja village

In order to promote tourism in this region, the local youths and elders are proactively engaged in promoting the infrastructure of this area with their individual efforts.

They have created website and printed maps and guide to disseminate information related to the new tourist trail and destination. To reach this remotest tourist destination, one must take one of the three routes (from Lulang, Mudi village of Myagdi and from the Dhorpatan area of Baglung) which are 3000 meter to 4000 meter high across forest and valleys.

Gurje is a suitable destination for the tourists who simply intend to visit these areas just for the sake of adventure and culture. Amar Baniya, the chairman of Dhaulagiri Tourism Development Council said that the infrastructure such as hotels and restaurants are necessary for the tourists who are willing to come of their own in this area.

Minimum basic facilities such as normal foods and logistic facilities are available for the tourists at the houses of Gurje at Takam, Muna, Lamsung and Gurje.



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