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July 29, 2019

Glimpses of Gurja: New tourist destination

The following photos give you the real glimpses of Gurja.

Gurja woman

Anyone can barely think of going to the remotest Chantyal Village Gurja. The village inaccessible to other human settlement has its own cultures and traditions.

The Gurja village has suddenly become a hot topic of discussion after foreigners and domestic tourists started visiting it in recent days.  The village lately is turning into an eco-trek hub for the tourists.

Gurja village

The village situated at an elevation of 3220 meters above sea level has 142 Chantyal households. The village is situated at an elevation of 3220 meters above sea level.

The village remains shrouded in snow for at least four months once in a year that severs its connection with the outside world and human settlements.

Eco-Trail hut and boys

Gurja is now the attractive hub for herbs, environmental expedition, and ecotourism.

This village trail can be used to reach up to the Yarsha trail of Rukum Taksera, Dolpa and Dhaulagiri base camp, thereby enabling it to gradually develop into a tourist adventure trail.

Eco-trail-hub with sheep

The village located in Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality-1 has started a campaign “Tourism campaign against poverty,” says herbal and tourism entrepreneur and ward chairman Jhak Bahadur Chantyal.

Local food made of maize

The Gurja as the new tourist destination offers a romantic view of village life, movement of cattle, the swaying maize, potatoes, wheat, barley, and yarshagumba.

Eco trail

To promote tourism in this region, the local youths and elders are proactively engaged in promoting the infrastructure of this area with their efforts.

Honey hunters of Gurja
Gurja children returning from a cowshed
Gurja villagers


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