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July 29, 2019

A model of religious harmony between Hindus and Buddhists

image of Mahadev
Image of Padmasambhav

Kathmandu: Rekheswar region of Daman in the northern Makawanpur has become a model of religious harmony for Buddhists and Hindus where the devotees of both the religions worship at the Rekheswar Mahadev temple.

Hindus worship at this temple considering that the Hindu God-Mahadev is here while the Buddhists worship considering that their venerated Guru-Padmasambhava is here.

Daman is 80 km from Kathmandu and the temple is just one km far from the highway road. The travelers on foot may take only 30 minutes from the road to reach this religious temple.

A staircase has been constructed for the visitors walking on foot which passes through the middle of the jungle.
According to a Buddhist follower, Puspa Bahadur Gurung, Assistant Lecturer of Buddhism and Peace Studies at Lumbini University  Guru Padamasambhav in ancient times had stayed at Daman and Farping while going to China.

The temple is the symbol of religious symbiosis and harmony. The temple has been visited more by the Buddhist followers, although it can be developed into a joint pilgrimage sacred site for both the religious followers.

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