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August 4, 2019

Enigmatic Devi’s Falls

Devi's falls
Devi’s falls

Who knew that enigmatic and boisterous waterfall previously known by the local name of “Patale Chhahango” in Pokhara will one day be famous with the name of Devi’s falls after 31 July 1961.

Fewa Lake is the primary source of water for Devi’s falls. It follows a rocky stream and rushes down to the waterfall, thereby disappearing into the Mahadev cave across an invisible and dark underground extending to 5 kilometers.

The spot from where the waterfall can be witnessed is a bewitching and serene area. It is only 2km southwest of the Pokhara airport on the road to Butwal.


tourists visiting Devi's falls
tourists visiting Devi’s falls

One of the legends related to the naming of this waterfall says that an unfortunate hiker was swept away by the raging waves of the waterfall and carried the hiker down the passages and caves. According to another legend, a Swiss couple had come to visit Pokhara. Mrs. Devis was swimming in Fewa Lake.

Mahadev statues near Devi's falls
Mahadev  and Ganesh statues near Devi’s falls

The dame of Fewa Lake suddenly started overflowing and swept away Mrs. Devis, while her husband kept looking helplessly on the bank of the lake. Mrs. Devis was swept down the waterfall and disappeared forever. The body of Mrs. Devis went missing forever.

This incident took place on 31 July 1961 and Mrs. Devi’s parents wanted this waterfall to be named after her. So, the waterfall was named “Devi’s falls”

Monsoon period is the best time to see the stunning view of this waterfall which is located in a beautiful spot within the Pokhara town.

The water plunging over the rocks and gorges with a deafening noise can offer a breathtaking and spectacular view for the tourists. This waterfall is the point where Pardi Khola (stream) disappears into an unfathomable underground.

To reach Pokhara the tourists can take flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara or take a vehicular route via highway.

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