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August 7, 2019

Visiting Faktanglung will give you next human life

  • Anand Gautam-Taplejung
Fak Talung
Pilgrims gathered at Fak Talung

“You will not be reborn as a human being in the next life if you have missed visiting Kirat heritage ‘Faktanlung’ once in this life,” is the faith that most of the Kirant religious followers seem to believe in. Faktanlung is a local Limbu name for 7710-meter Khumbhakaran Mountain in eastern Nepal. The crowd of pilgrims begins to pour in here by the end of September and the beginning of October.

Faktangalung is said to be deeply associated with the identity of Kirant Limbus. The visitors continue to throng this sacred site until November. Faktanlung is also considered to be significant from a paternal and maternal point of view as this site is the symbol of a paternal and maternal deity believed in Kirant religion.

In local terms, it is also called Parumfuk and Marumfuk. Faktanlung is taken for granted to be the resting place for paternal and maternal deities according to local leader Gyanu Furumbu (Charpe). Since this place is situated at a high altitude, the pilgrims must visit this place with all the necessary things like the stock of foods and woolen clothes to fight against the cold and damp weather.

limbus worshiping Fak Talung
Limbus worshiping Fak Talung

Therefore, the travelers reaching here bring mattresses, tents, and foods with them. At least 600 km far from Kathmandu, the Faktanlung journey starts from Larumba of Ilam district. The monsoon being unpredictable can create trouble for the visitors. So, carrying, umbrellas are a must to protect oneself from the rain. The day may also be very hot. The pilgrims and travelers from the UK, America and the Indian region of Darjeeling usually visit this place.

The journey to Faktanlung begins after Kirant Guru- Atmananda Lingden gives his blessings to the travelers at Larumba-Kirant religious center. It takes 12 days to go and return from the district of Taplejung. But one can use transportation from Taplejung which may take 8 days to reach Faktanlung. This trip can be shortened or lengthened according to the needs. Some visitors follow the route from Laraumba-Silauti of Panchathar-Lubrikuti-Kabeli.

Some of the topographical areas fall in Sikkim. Bewitching views of Himalaya ranges and green hills are seen from here said Gyanu Furumba. It is very cold here. Sacrificial offerings are given to the deity here along with other necessary incense, flowers, and fruits.

The people perform a typical dance at the tune of Damru (two-headed drum), drum and conch here which is fun for the visitors.

  • Legend
Visitors approaching Fak Talung
Visitors approaching Fak Talung

Once when language, cultures, traditions, and religion of the Limbu community disappeared, their King- Shrijunga meditated inside his palace. After three days, one holy person emerged before King Shrijunga and took him to the bottom of Faktanlung (Khumbakarna Mountain). Both of them entered beyond seven doors made up of stones.

The man indicated towards Limbu language and script in one corner of the room and said, “You are getting all this because of your mediation for the sake of religion and language. I had given this language and religion to the people even before. But all went into extinction due to the bad company and carelessness of the people. I am giving them to you for the last time. If it is lost, you will never get it. So, teach it to everyone.”

Shrijunga on his return fromFaktanlung taught the Kirant language and script to the people. The current script used by Kirantis is also known as Kirant script. The Kirant script and language scribbled on the steep rocks of Faktanlung can still be seen. Around 40 words associated with Kirant epics can also be witnessed inscribed on the high rocks of Faktanlung.

  • Accommodation

At least 80 persons in maternal restrooms and 35 persons in paternal restrooms can be accommodated once. There is an option for tents too. National eminent person Mahaguru Falgunand in 1993 accompanied by his disciples had visited Fak Talung.

At a distance of 2km on foot fromFaktanlung lies a river called “Baitarni’. After crossing this river, there are seven water spouts. The water of this water spouts is considered to be pure and holy. If this water is sprinkled in the house of dead man, it is believed to purify the house.

Guru Falgunanada was accompanied by seven disciples during this visit. One Lama at the resting place attempted to test the powers of Falgunanda thinking that he was only a mendicant. Falgunanda denied engaging in such a phenomenon of rivalry. At this, Lama warned him against using the weapon of Bajra.

Potters bound for Fak Talung
People bound for Fak Talung

Lama tried his best to torment Falugunanada by uttering words of spell for 24 hours but failed.  Lama also challenged Falugananda if he could shake the world to show his divine power.

Falgunanda used his tantric power to make Lama tremble. Lama while trembling imagined that the whole world was shaking. The disciple of Lama then requested Falgunanda to spare his guru lama and also begged that 7 yaks will be given to him for his forgiveness.

Lama bowed before Guru Falgunanda and admitted his fault. Falgunanda returned all yaks and said that all his disciples visiting Fak Talung in the future should be given milk and Chhurpi.

Since then, Lama and his disciples of this place distribute chhurpi and milk to the visitors of Faktanlung as a part and parcel of custom. The visitors in return for the milk and chhurpi, give Rs 108, one kg of salt and one kg of rice to the lama or household members.

According to the agreement reached between Falgunanda and Thereng Lama in 1995, the yaks should not be killed. Deceased lama’s new generation continues to abide by this historic agreement and custom and all yaks born of those yaks given to Falgunanad are believed to be still alive.

One of the visitors Bhupal Sendang said that since after the death of Thereng Lama, his son –Lamsang took the charge of yak shed. But he did not have any son to take over the yak shed after his death. So, visitors give the prescribed quantity of salt, rice, an allotted amount of money to the daughter and son in law of Lamsang these days.

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