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August 8, 2019

Customary Greetings in Nepal

The customary way of greeting-Namaste

Once you arrive in Nepal for a tour, trekking, expedition, mountaineering or sightseeing, you often meet local Nepali people on the way who might not understand your general talking in English as English is a foreign language for most of the people in Nepal.

If you have a good guide and interpreter, they will deal with all kinds of situations. However, there are rare occasions, when you need to have an ordinary vocabulary of Nepali words or a few sentences that would help you to have interactions with the local people who may not know your English.

You also need to take care of local cultural values while speaking to them. So, here are a few of the simple words and conversational sentences that might support you while you are trapped in a difficult situation. That is either you have lost your trail or your guide or interpreters are not with you but you need to talk to the people to know something general about the culture, place and people or route.

Mixing up with Nepali people
Mixing up with Nepali people

Some don’t and do’s

  • You should take off your shoes while entering any houses or temples.
  • Ask for permission if you can enter the temples with shoes and belts.
  • In some of the restricted areas, taking photos is prohibited. Even cameras are not allowed.
  • Nepal people are very sociable. If you talk to them they will also talk to you.
  • They will be ready to help you if you are in any trouble.
  • Do not make a display of your love in public.
  • The roads in Nepal are very narrow. You should walk on the pavement side to avoid any hustle.

Few words and short sentences in Nepali that can support you while in Nepal are given below.

English Nepali in Roman
Hello/Hi Namaste
How are you? Tapailain Kasto chha?
What is your name? Tapai ko nam ke ho?
My name is Maria. Mero nam Maria ho.
Hope to see you again Pheri bhetaunla
Please speak Kripaya bolnuhos
Do you speak English? Ke Tapain angerejee boln saknuhunchha?
Yes, I speak. Ho, ma angrejee bolchhu
I can speak Nepali a little Ma ali ali Nepali bolchhu
Sorry Maaph garnus
Excuse me Maaph garnus
Where are you going? Kahaan jaane?
To Kathmandu Kathmandu ma
I want to change money. Ma paisa satna chahanchhu
Can I take a photo? Ke ma euta tasbeer khichhana sakchhu?
Can you take my photo? Mero tasbeer khichna saknu hunchha?
Sleep Nindra
Fire Aago
Friend Sathi
Father Baba
Mother Ama
Brother bhai
Sister Baini
Road bato
Breakfast khaja
Lunch Khana
Picnic Ban bhoj
Sick Birami
Thank you Dhanyabad
You are welcome Tapailai Swagat chha
Never mind Thickai Chha
I lost my way Maile bato biraye
Help me Malai Sahayog gara
Let’s go Hami jam
No Hunna
Yes hunchha
Take it Yo linus
Give that Tyo dinus
I don’t know Malai thaha chhaina
I know Malai tha chha
How much? Katti paisa?
Good morning Subhaprabhat
Goodnight Subharatri
What ke
What happened? Ke bhayo?


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