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August 15, 2019

Festival of Janai Purnima being observed

Janain purnima
Janai Purnima

Today is August 15, 2019, the day marked for observing the holy festival of Janai Purnima (the sacred thread).

Every year, Nepal observes this significant day of Janai Purnima. This day begins with Brahmins diving into the rivers and then engaging themselves in fastening sacred threads around the wrist of people.

Raksha Bandhan

The Janai is also considered to be the marking line of a male’s journey from boyhood to manhood.

Raksha Bandhan of Sister and Brother

The day also coincides with the holy festival of “Raksha Bandhan” to renew the filial relationship between brothers and sisters by fasting a thread or “Rakshabandan” around the wrist of the brothers.

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