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August 15, 2019

Tantalizing Kwati-Nepali dish

Qauty containing 9 ingredients
Kwati containing 9 ingredients

The holy festival of Janai Purnima (sacred thread) is synonymous with “Kwati day” in Nepal. Kwati is one of the eateries which is made up of 9 beans grains. The other term for “kwati” is “Gedagudi” which originated in Nepal and is considered to be having substantial health benefits for the consumers.

The world ‘kwati’ is derived from the Newari term “kwati”. The word kwati can be subdivided into two. ‘kwa’ means hot and ‘ti’ means soup. In other words, ‘kwati’ means a hot soup made up of 9 bean grains.

Most of the people start to talk about eating the delectable dish of Kwati long before the day of Janai Purnima arrives.

  • Recipe

To make kwati, you have to wash 9 types of bean grains with water. Then keep them in the water for some time, maybe for one day or one night at least.

On Janaipurnima this dish is cooked in most of the houses. It is very tasty and nutritious for health. It is said that it can be beneficial for constipation, diabetes, and piles.

Kwati is also the source of Vitamin A, B, C, E and minerals which can develop resistant power against several diseases. The 9 ingredients of kwati include black gram, green gram, chickpea, field bean, soybean, field pea, garden pea, cowpea, and rice bean.

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