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August 16, 2019

Modern GAIJATRA being observed

  • Prem Suwal

Today is the Gaijatra celebration when a sardonic remark made against anyone is not taken as an offense.

This day gives extra freedom for the media persons and parody makers to target corrupt politicians, social leaders, businessman, actors or actresses to expose their characters to the public.

However, this is nothing but a twisted form of fun making than what King Pratap Malla had started to please his queen who was sad after losing her younger son.

Malla King Pratap had asked his citizens to make the sad queen laugh by taking a procession of cows through the town. The queen, at last, came to her normal life realizing that everyone in the town has gone through the demise of someone they loved.

Gayajtra procession
Gayajtra procession

So, this procession of cows to mark the procession of the dead ones is celebrated as Gaijatra since the time of Pratap Malla. But if the cows are not available on this day, kids are dressed as cows and asked to lead the procession of Gaijatra through the streets.

Even today this day among the Newar community is the day of celebrating the day of dead ones to make everyone realize that death is simply a normal cycle of nature.

On this day various comedy or parody shows are organized to attack the evils systems in the society. Cartoons mocking the leaders of political parties are published by few newspaper and magazines.

The day is also celebrated as the worship of the god of death or “Yamraj.” Usually, this day of celebration falls in the month of August.

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