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August 16, 2019

Shamans celebrate Janai Purnima by attaining spiritual perfection

Shamans dance at Timal
Shamans dance at Timal

On the auspicious occasion of the holy festival of Janai Purnima (August 15, 2019), on one side the Brahmins tied sacred threads around the wrists of people, while on the other hand the shamans (Jhankris) celebrated this day by gathering and attaining their perfection in attainment of spiritual and occult powers at Temal.

Female Shamans at Timal gathering

As in the previous years, the bonpo Jhankris gathered at the historic Temal area of Kabre and worshiped at the temple of Narayan to wish for the protection of the entire world besides attaining their spiritual power.

Binita Thing
Binita Thing (Junior Shaman)

These Jhankris on the eve of Janai Purnima stay inside the caves for 9 days by keeping fasting and meditation to learn spiritual or occult powers. They come out on the day of Janai Purnima to attain their perfection of spiritual attainment after arriving and worshiping at Temal area.

Binita Thing
Binita Thing, junior Shaman

The locals say that such practice has been handed down from one generation to another for ages. An 11-year-old youngest Jhankri named Binita Thing also participated in this gathering of elder Jhankris at this Temal area to attain her spiritual perfection and success by worshiping at this Narayan temple.

Junior Shaman Binita Thing
Another junior shaman

She had walked for 5 hours to reach the Temal area from her village. She also had stayed inside the cave for 9 days, fasting and meditating. The group of Shamans (Jhankris) has been seen to have done healing practices in groups during the festival.

Young Shaman Binita Thing
Another female shaman at Timal festival

Tibetan Buddhist guru Padmasambhava is believed to have stayed at this Temal while on the way to Tibet in ancient times. That’s why both Hindus and Buddhist Bonpos worship this sacred place together.

Sacred place of worship for shamans
The sacred place of worship for shamans
Shaman deity
Ancient king and queen of Temal

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