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August 25, 2019

Ambir Gurung elected to lead GTEAN

GTEAN General Assembly
GTEAN General Assembly

Ambir Gurung is the new leader of Gurung Tourism Entrepreneurs Association Nepal (GTEAN) who has been elected as new president from the second General Convention of GTEAN held in Kathmandu on Saturday. Ishwar Gurung, Pitambar Gurung is elected as the first and second Vice-Chairmen respectively, while Kishan Gurung is elected as General Secretary. Similarly, Baburam Gurung elected as secretary, Bindu Gurung as treasurer and Jaya Gurung as vice-treasurer.

GTEAN- awards
GTEAN- awards being given

Similarly, the elected members include Mahavir Gurung, Avinash Gurung, Ambir Gurung (Ilam), Dil Gurung, Dhan Bahadur Gurung, Renuka Gurung, and Dilu Gurung. Likewise, Bober Jung Gurung, GTEAN Pokhara chapter president has been nominated as a member while one member from the Executive Committee remains to be nominated.

  • Dr. Harka Gurung Award awarded

During the program, this year’s GTEAN Dr. Harka Gurung Award was awarded to Nepal’s first International Mountaineering Path Exhibitor Sunar Bahadur Gurung and GTEAN Journalism Award to journalist Lala Gurung.

GTEAN awards
GTEAN awards being distributed

Parbat Gurung, Member of the House of Representatives and Kamla Gurung, President of GTEAN jointly gave away the awards to the awardees. Lala Gurung is currently the Managing Editor of HighlightsTourism.com. Gurung also launched the tourism souvenir published by GTEAN in the program.


Former Sikkim Tourism Minister Garja Man Gurung during the same program informed about the situation where seven lakhs population in Sikkim had to handle 25 lakhs Tourists. He also said that there is a great possibility of tourism in Nepal too.
Chief Guest, Parbat Gurung, said that tourism is one of the main pillars of development of the country.

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