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August 26, 2019

Dolpo tourism festival in the offing

Dolpo culture
Dolpo culture

Organizers have come to the capital to invite everybody for the ‘Dolpo Tourism Festival’ which is going to be held at Dho Tarap in Upper Dolpa from 10th to 14th of September.

The festival is set to be hosted with the slogan of ‘Darshan Dolpoko, Aarjan Shantiko’ to promote tourism. The festival, jointly organized by Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality and Vision Dolpo, aims to promote the Dolpo region nationally and internationally.

According to the member of the organizing committee and president of the Karnali Tourism Entrepreneurship Society, Jag Bahadur Budhamagar, the place of the festival is located at Dho Tarap at an altitude of 3,900m to 4,200m around Tarap River.

Dho Tarap is the major trading center of Upper Dolpa with 250 families living together. There are three Buddha monasteries and one Bon monastery.

The festival will feature spiritual discourses from high-ranking lamas and masks dances from various domes, cultural dances from different villages, horse racing, archery, Buddha Ri hiking ,tours of the old monasteries and Gumbas of Dho Valley, exhibitions of documentaries made about the Dolpo region, and traditional artwork, painting, and games related to the lives of the Dolpo region.

Dolpa plain
Dolpa plain

How to reach Dho Tarap

Those wishing to travel by air can reach Dho Tarap from Kathmandu via Nepalgunj or Surkhet.

Those wishing to travel by vehicle can reach Dho Tarap from Nepalgunj-Surkhet via Jajarkot or Rukum to Radijiula-Tripurakatu-Dunai-Namdo-Lhyasicap. The journey from Dunai (district headquarter of Dolpa) to Dho Tarap will be 19 hours.

We can reach Dho Tarap from Dunai via Vyansgard-Namdobagar-Lhyasicap-Launi-Tilwa-Chyor-Nawarpani-Syapuk-Toltol-Kalang River.

About Dolpa

dolpo culture
Dolpo culture

Dolpa is known as a Himalayan district because of the presence of lots of mountains. Shey-Phoksundo, the largest national park in the country, is located here and herbs like Yarshagumba can also be found here. There is mutual religious harmony between the Bons, Buddhists, and Hindus.

The highest per capita income of Karnali state is in Dolpa, while the world’s highest altitude human Settlements at Dho Tarap and Chharka Vot settlements are also found here.

There are three mountains over 7,000m: Mt. Putha, Mt.Kanjirowa, Mt. Dhawalagiri and 18 peaks over 6,000m in the district. Similarly, three hot water ponds Rupguard, Shahartara and Durgaon, the deepest lake in the country Phoksundo Lake, Jagdulla Lake, Sundaha and dozens of glaciers are situated here along with Phoskundo Waterfall which is the largest waterfall in the country.

dolpo bons
Dolpo bon

Number of tourists visiting Dolpa

Looking at the statistics of the past 5 years, foreign tourists have visited the Upper Dolpa in less than one in number per year. Around 1,884 tourists in the fiscal year 2017/2018 and around 2,688 tourists in 2018/2019 have visited Upper and Lower Dolpa.

dolpa waterfall
Dolpo waterfall

It is said that tourism in Dolpa has directly or indirectly employed 4,000 to 5,000 peoples. It is reported that around 8,000 domestic tourists visited Dolpa in the last year 2018/2019. Dolpa is the most revenue-generating district in the state of Karnali from Tourism.

dolpo lake
Dolpo lake

Tourists Lodge

There are 10 hotels in Jufal, 30 hotels in Dunai, 25 hotels, and 100 homestays in Dho Tarap, 9 hotels, and 30 homestays in Phoksundo, 7 hotels in Saldang and 7 hotels in Chharka.

Tourist activities:

– Lower Dolpa Circular Trek

– The Phoksundo Hiking

– Upper Dolpa Circular Trek

– Dolpa Jomsom Trek

– Dolpa Mugu Trek

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