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August 26, 2019

Spectacular Parbati Kunda

  • Sushant Lama
Parvati Kunda
Parbati Kunda

Parbati Kunda is located at Aama Chodimgmo -3, three hundred meters above the village of Gatlang in Rasuwa district. Previously it was called Chodingmo Kunda and its name was changed into Parbati Kunda in 1983. It is situated at an altitude of 2550m from sea level. It is a small wetland which is not only a small reservoir of biodiversity but also acts as a major source of water for people in Gatlang village.

Hundreds of domestic visitors and tourists visit this religious site each year on the occasion of a festival held here.  Parbati Kunda is like a jewel in the forest which has both religious and historical importance. People believe that it is more than thousands of years old and nobody knows how it originated. They also believe that the Goddess resides in the pond.

Every year special festival is held at the Parbati Kunda during Janai Purnima. The festival is conducted by local Tamangs and people of all age groups take part in the gala day, wearing their traditional dresses, performing their dances and playing their music which truly reflects their culture and tradition.

Devotees of both Hinduism and Buddhism usually go there to worship and to ask for their wishes to be fulfilled. The festival also attracts tourists from in and out of the country. Tourists usually come here for trekking and to take the blessings of Goddess.

During the festival, they offer various grains, milk, fruits, white and red clothes which they consider are liked by the goddess. If she is happy with the offering then it is believed that she will fulfill the various wishes of the people.

People usually ask for their well-being, good houses, and wealth, suitable weather for their crops and parents without children ask for children in blessings. People of Gatlang and Parbati Kunda have very deep relationships. Along with its religious importance, it is rich in natural beauty too. It is the reservoir of freshwater and is surrounded by mesmerizing green forests and other wetlands.

Parvati kunda
Parbati kunda

Parbati Kunda gives birth to rivers like the Parbati River, Gatlang River, and Hyesthyong pond. On the western side of Parbati pond and Gatlang village, there is the presence of the remains of Ghale Durbar.

It used to be a palace of Ghale kings thousands of years ago and has its historical importance. People of Gatlang also worship Ghale Durbar. There are lots of Chyorden in Gatlang village which local people believe protects the village.

Parbati Kunda is also rich in various flora and fauna. It is a reservoir of endangered species of plants, birds, and animals. There is the presence of birds like Kalij, Dove, Owl, Eagles, and animals like deer, leopard, wild cat, ghorals, fox and many more. Edible mushrooms also can be found around Parbati Kunda. There is also the presence of different kinds of herbs which are beneficial to human health.

The religious belief of the people is the only thing that is preserving the natural beauty of Parbati Kunda. If Government also gives some attention towards Parbati Kunda by constructing homestay facilities for tourist, by allocating a certain amount of budget for the conservation of natural flora and fauna then, surely, tourism can flourish here.

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