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August 30, 2019

Nepali millet beer “Tongba” among the world’s 8 unusual drinks

Tongba statue at Dhankuta Hile bazaar
Tongba statue in Dhankuta Hile bazaar

Kathmandu: Nepali millet beer or commonly known alcohol “Tongba” found in every nooks and corner in the country is enlisted as one of the top 8 unusual drinks of the world, reported America based CNN news media in its published travel feature Friday, August 30, 2019.


CNN writes, “If you’re looking for a familiar beverage — but consumed differently — then you’ll want to try millet beer. A drink that comes from the Limbu people of Nepal, it’s quite common among other Nepalese groups and foreigners who are eager to try it.”

“Though Tongba is easiest to find in Taplejung, Nepal, you can easily find it in Thamel, the downtown center in Kathmandu. It’s essentially a warm beer that’s perfect for those cold Himalayan evenings,” further adds CNN.

The other unusual drinks of the world include Tuna tears Soju of South Korea, Sichicare of Ecuador, Boza of Bulgaria and the Caucuses, Mamajuana of Dominican republic, Kava of Fuji, Meat-breast mescal (mescal de Pechuge) of Mexico and The Sourtoe Cocktail of Dawson City, Canada. “Tonga” or millet beer is made by fermenting the millet grains and served to the clients in a barrel-like cup known as Tongba.

Tongba drinking
Youths drinking Tongba

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