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September 2, 2019

Mountain biking becoming popular among tourists

  • Sushant Lama
Mountain biking
Mountain biking

Mountain biking is a sport of riding bicycles off-road through rough terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes. The mountain bike is an ideal, go-anywhere, versatile machine that makes it possible to escape sealed roads and enables us to ride tracks and ancient walking trails to remote areas of the country. It is gradually becoming popular adventurous tourism activity among the tourists in Nepal.

It gives us freedom of travel-can stop anywhere we like, free from crowded buses and taxis. Nepal’s numerous and extraordinary tracks and trails make it an ideal place for mountain biking. It allows you to visit hills, mountains, valleys, villages and enjoy their magnificent scenery. Mountain biking is the fastest way of seeing the rural area where big vehicles are not operated.

You can ride through paddy fields, bike to the hills, mountains and terai towns and test your mountain biking skills. The mountain biking possibilities endless in Nepal. Many mountain tracks and trails in Nepal has created a paradise for the mountain biking lovers all around. Mountain biking is a very fun and adventurous way of traveling in Nepal which is becoming popular days by days. Here are Top Mountain biking trails in Nepal.

Kathmandu Valley

Though the Heart of the Kathmandu valley is too hectic and traffic-congested, with numerous numbers of tracks, trails, and back roads, it offers an adventurous biking experience for people. A mountain bike in Kathmandu allows you to visit various alleys of Newari villages, make new friends with the locals, and discover its hidden pockets rarely visited by tourists. Biking trip to many popular historical places of Kathmandu, the viewpoint of Nagarkot and Kakani, and the sleepy town of Sankhu and Budhanilkantha is certainly going to give you immense pleasure.

Pokhara Valley


Pokhara is another classic place for mountain biking. Mountain biking in Pokhara will take you to some of the most beautiful and unreached places in Nepal. Fast and windy tracks and trails in Pokhara will allow you to see the spectacular views of Himalayas, Lakes and various landscapes.

You can enjoy diverse cultures and point-to-point journey. Since it’s not far from human settlements, you don’t need to carry much gear and can stay in simple guesthouses along the biking trails.

What happens when the roads come into a trekker’s paradise, bringing the villagers much-needed access to markets, health care, and education? Travelers can maximize their holiday time by getting farther away from the big centers in shorter times – ie, get to the fun faster!

Mountain biking holidays in Nepal will take you to some of the most beautiful and unexplored places on the earth and wilderness where you will experience some tough climbs, technical descents, fast,  single track and the most spectacular views of the Himalayas and landscape.

Mountain biking on the top of the world through legendary Annapurna Circuit, lower and upper Mustang, Jomsom, Muktinath, Langtang and around Manaslu. Pokhara Mountain bike center Nepal is the pioneer Mountain biking institution that evolved the schooling concept of Mountain biking and cycling culture in Nepal especially, among children and youth of Pokhara.

As a result, we have hundreds of youth inspired by mountain biking and cycling in Nepal. Pokhara is the best place in the whole wide world. Many trails are narrow, century-old walkways that are not shown on maps, so you need a good sense of direction when venturing out without a guide. To go unguided entails some risks, and you should learn a few important words of Nepali to assist in seeking directions. Bring a map and compass or at least a GPS-enabled smartphone with a map app.

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