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September 5, 2019

Thrills of mountain flights in Nepal

  • Sushant Lama
Mountain flights by helicopter
Mountain flights by helicopter

A mountain flight-mountain sightseeing with the help of an airplane is one of the unique adventures in the world which you are only able to experience in mountainous country. Nepal is the mountainous country with over 1,310 mountains over 6,000m.

Among the 14 mountains in the world, over 8,000m 8 of them are located in Nepal alone. It won’t be wrong to say that Nepal is a paradise for mountain flight lovers.

You can enjoy the glamorous view of various mountains closely, take some beautiful pictures as everyone will get a window seat. It offers many eye-catching views that even mountaineers aren’t able to get.

Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha) view during the mountain flight

Mountain flight is the fastest way to visit many mountains in a short time and the easiest and safest things to do as compared to mountaineering. You can buy a ticket and go on an hour-long flight which flies higher than some mountains.

You can enjoy the majestic views of green hills, snow-capped mountains, high altitudinal lakes, glaciers, and many more. You are given maps to identify mountains and the hostess will help you if you have questions and also you can click beautiful peaks from the cockpit when invited by the pilot. You are also given a refund if the weather is not suitable or it’s scheduled for another day.

Ultra light flights in Pokhara
Ultralight flights in Pokhara

You can enjoy the exotic view of Everest, Makalu Barun, and Kanchenjunga in the east and Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range in the west. The number of Mountains you can visit in Nepal beyond is one’s imagination. Passengers can take an hour’s flights to Everest and surrounding peaks from Kathmandu.

In Pokhara along with flights, microlight (two-seater small aircraft with a powered engine designed to carry no more than two people) are also available to witness the majestic views of the Annapurna, Machhapuchhre range, and many other mountains.

If you are not a fan of flying in an airplane, you can choose other options like you can charter helicopters and fly to the Everest region and return to Kathmandu.

For peoples wanting extreme adventures, you can also experience paragliding, paramotor flying, sky-diving, hang-gliding and many more.

Airlines offering mountain flights:

Buddha Airline

Buddha Airlines offers two mountain flight experiences. Everest Experience and Annapurna Experience.

Everest experience

Buddha Air offers flights from Tribhuvan International Airports to the Everest region which is about a 50m flight with guaranteed window seats. You can catch the glimpse of 20 of the highest mountains starting from Langtang Lirung peak which is closest to Kathmandu, then move towards Mt.Everest and finally to the Chamlang peak in the east. Flights start at 6.00 am daily. The cost is around US 200$ per person.

Annapurna Experience

It falls under Pokhara mountain flights offered by Buddha air. Flights usually start at 6.00 AM – 8.00 AM every day and is about 30 minutes with guaranteed window seats. You can capture the majestic views of Mt.Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Machhapucchre, Mt. Lamjung, and Mt. Manaslu. The cost is around US 200$.

Yeti Airline

Yeti Airlines is another airline offering mountain flights in Nepal. It also offers mountain flights to the Everest region and Annapurna Region. Everest express is a flight that lasts about an hour and flies around 6.30 am. There are five flights at the same time. Price is around the US 200$

Pokhara Mountain flights are also offered by Yeti airlines which will take you to see Mt.Annapurna, Mt.Dhaulagiri, Mt. Machhapuchhre and many more. Flights usually start at 6.00 am daily and usually lasts 30 minutes. The cost is around US 200$.

Simrik Air

Simrik airlines also offer mountain flights to both the Everest region and the Annapurna region.

For Everest sightseeing flights are available daily from Kathmandu which lasts around an hour and starts at 6.30 am daily. You can see many higher mountains in the east. It costs around the US 200$

Pokhara mountain flight is another flight offered by Simrik air. It will take you to see Mt. Anapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manaslu and many more. Flights are around half an hour which starts early in the morning and costs around US 200$.

Shree Airlines

Shree airlines offer mountain flights to Mt. Everest. Flights usually start at 6.00 am daily and lasts about an hour. It costs around 200 $


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