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September 10, 2019

Autumn: The best season for trekking in Nepal

Season for mountaineering too

  • Sushant Lama

Nepal is a beautiful country with an abundance of exotic mountains, hills, lakes and mesmerizing places for trekking. Trekking in Nepal has been one of the most popular activities and must do things in many traveler’s bucket lists. Thousands of tourists visit Nepal every year for trekking in a different part of the country like mountains, lakes or popular hills. Among the four seasons in Nepal, two seasons’ autumn and spring are considered good for trekking due to good weather and summer and winter are not considered ideal for trekking because of varying weather patterns.

Nepal Hiking team says “Witnessing the breathtaking Himalayas, as well as terrific natural setting in Nepal, will be a dream come true experience. This reverie would be even better if the weather favors you rightly bestowing clear visibility then you may consider trekking in Nepal in the autumn season.”


The kind of trekking experience you will have is decided by the season you pick for trekking. Winter starts from December and lasts till February. Spring season lasts for March, April, and May. Summer lasts from June to August and autumn starts from September and lasts until November.  If the weather is good then clear views of mountains and surroundings, good trekking trails, splendid flights make trekking experience truly amazing. But if the weather doesn’t support, problems like rains, heavy snowfall, blocked trekking trails due to avalanches, flight delays, less to no sights of mountains is going to make your trekking experience horrible. Thus, choosing seasons wisely for trekking is very important.

“This Autumn season is considered the best time for trekking in Nepal, which offers excellent weather and tantalizing mountain views. Moderate temperatures, clear sky with outstanding views, making it a great time to do any of our treks. Occasional short storms may dump snow at high altitudes.” says Mountain monarch trekking and climbing


Among four seasons in Nepal Autumn season from September to November is considered the best season for trekking in Nepal. It is also called peak season for trekking when thousands of tourists come to visit Nepal for trekking and sightseeing. The number of Tourists during this season is truly amazing. Autumn season is considered the best season because of the following reasons:

Excellent weather

The weather condition during autumn is truly spectacular for trekking. In Nepal, September marks the end of Monsoon. Though in early September there are little rains, by mid-September monsoon clouds disappear leaving the sky clear and with the clear sky, the views of mountains and hills look just phenomenal. Due to this autumn season is the best season if you want to avoid rainfalls. Chances of flight delays to the respected area from Kathmandu are also very less number.

Outshine adventure says “autumn season is the most preferred trekking season in Nepal. With excellent weather and alluring mountain views, a moderate temperature that has warm days and cool nights, and major festivals being celebrated across the nation, autumn makes one of the best times for any trekking destinations in Nepal”

Poon Hill

Moderate Temperature

Temperature is moderate during autumn neither too high nor too cold. Bright sun makes the days warmer and wonderful for trekking. As a result, you don’t have to wear too many clothes to make you warm while trekking and the problem of sweating won’t affect you while trekking. The amount of wind that blows in autumn seasons in the mountainous regions is also moderate due to which trekkers don’t have to deal with cold wind as of winter. Nights are chilled but not freezing cold. Temperature ranges from 20° C during the day to around 5° C at night at an altitude of 1,000m to 3,500m. At Higher altitude temperatures are relatively colder than lower altitude.

Lush greenery and flowers

The lushness of green hills and valleys

Nature unfolds its true color in the autumn season. It welcomes trekkers with vibrant colors of flora. The leaves of flora turn shades of rust which makes the view of forests majestic for trekkers. You can see forests filled with greeneries all around the hills.

Spectacular views

With the clear Sky, the amount of view a trekker can capture is truly astounding. Trekkers can enjoy the true beauty of mountains, lakes, forests, and various landscapes. Trekkers can capture beautiful images of mountains, hills, lakes, and valleys with the camera or they can capture the view with their naked eyes and save it in the memory card of their heart.


Autumn season is also the time when the whole Nepalese celebrates the major festivals Dashain ‘Festival of victory’ and Tihar ‘festivals of lights’.Dashain is the most celebrated festival in Nepal. This festival is also called as Vijaya Dashami or Bada Dashain in Nepal. It is celebrated for 10 days and every day has some rituals. This long festival in Nepal represents the victory of good over evil. Tihar-Diwali in other Asian countries- is celebrated to mark the strong bond between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated for 5 days illuminating houses beautifully with modern lamps or oil-lamps. The views you will witness at night are truly majestic. Each day’s various animals are worshipped. Another important festival celebrated during the autumn season is Chhath Parva. It is the festival dedicated to thanking Sun god for the subsistence of life on earth and paying homage to keep providing his eternal blessings to human beings.

Trekking Trails

During the autumn season, due to good weather conditions trekking trails are in good condition and not dusty anymore. Due to less or no rainfall trekking trails are neither too wet nor too slippery. There are also fewer chances of the blockade of trekking trails as avalanches occur less in number. This makes trekking comfortable and fruitful.

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