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September 15, 2019

Test flight after six years, regular flights to Manang from September 27

Test flight at Manang Airport
Test flight at Manang Airport

Lamjung: A successful test flight has taken place at the Humde Airport in Manang.  The test flight took place about six years after the airport was upgraded and repaired.

Summit Air’s 9 NAMG took a successful test flight from Pokhara to Manang. The plane, which was inspected from Pokhara on Friday, landed at Humde Airport, Manang in about 20 minutes. During the test flight, Gandaki state Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung, State Tourism Minister Bikas Lamsal, Member of the House of Representatives from Manang, Polden Chopang Gurung along with 15 passengers were on the flight.

Chief Minister Prithivi Subba Gururng at the Manang airport
Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung at the Manang airport

After the successful test flight, Chief Minister Gurung said that the state government has prioritized regular flights from Manang to Pokhara. He said that regular flights are needed in Manang to make Nepal Tourism Year and Gandaki Tourism Year successful. Stating Manang is the main destination of Gandaki province for promoting tourism, Chief Minister Gurung expressed confidence that the airline will provide great support to tourists and locals coming to Manang.

Tourism Minister of Gandaki at the airport
State Tourism Minister Bikas Lamsal at the airport

Despite repeated requests for flights to the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority, the flight had not yet been started. Summit Air is preparing to fly Pokhara-Manang regularly on the occasion of International Tourism Day from September 27, according to the state tourism ministry.

Officials in the district along with locals have been delighted after hearing the news of flights going to be started in Manang’s only airport. As the tourist season also begins, businessmen are expecting an increase in the number of tourists due to regular flights to Manang.

Located at an altitude of 11,445 feet from the sea level, the airport’s runway was upgraded to 900m at a cost of 90 million Nepali Rupees.

The Civil Aviation Authority has said that flights can be conducted all year long in the airport due to the maintenance and blackouts of the runway.

After reaching the motorway in Manang, the airport was closed due to the lack of passengers although road trips to Manang are not easy. The Nepal Airlines Corporation had started flying from Manang-Pokhara and Pokhara-Manang from 1982 A.D.

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