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September 17, 2019

How hard is trekking through Thorong La Pass?

Thorong La Pass
Thorong La Pass: Photo-Solundir

Venturing to trek through 5416 meters high Thorong La Pass is a part and parcel of Annapurna circuit trek in the region. Thorong La pass is not only the climax point of the Annapurna circuit but also the most difficult and challenging part of the trek.

People of all ages can succeed in trekking through this difficult pass if they have done a good preparation in the acclimatization process before deciding to venture this hard trek.

Thorong La Pass
Thorong La: Photo- Sergey Ashmarin


Your acclimatization begins at Manag village which is 3500 meters high above sea level. This process will help you to find out if your physical strength is fit for climbing higher altitudes. You should not have any problems with altitude sickness like a problem in taking breath and headache etc. You may have to spend at least two nights at Manang village.

Thorong La Pass
Thorong La Photo-Greg Willis

Trekking towards High Camp

Your trekking from Manang goes through Yak Kharkha which is 4050m. The stunning views of Himalayas start to distract your attention while on the trekking trails. The next day you trek to Thorong Phedi (4500m) and then continue to hike to high camp (4800m) where you will have to halt before you initiate your trekking trip to Thorong La Pass.

Thorong La Pass
Thorong La Pass: Photo-Thapaliyashreeram

Crossing Thorong La Pass is not an easy task. It is harder enough. So difficult the trek is that every single minute you might have to take rest for a few minutes to muster up new courage and stamina to step further.

The difficult part of trekking is the unpredictable heavy winds that might occur at high altitudes in the day time. That’s why all trekkers need to get up early and start crossing Thorong La pass before it is mid-day.

The region is cold. So you need to carry woolen clothes with you for trekking.


Sebastien Chaneac who also recalls his trekking through hard and difficult Thorong La Pass says, “The hard part of Thorong La pass begins as you trek down from 5416 m to the village of Muktinath-3800m. Oh, boy, do those walking sticks come in handy at this point!”

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