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September 17, 2019

Manaslu: Climbers’ autumn season choice

260 climbers of 44 countries permitted

Manaslu-file photo
Manaslu-file photo

Kathmandu: Manaslu is the choice of autumn season climbers while Everest is the choice of spring season climbers. In the current autumn season, 260 climbers from 44 countries have sought government permission to summit the Manaslu peak (8163m).

Out of 260 climbers, 201 are males and 59 females and most of them have headed towards the Manaslu base camp already. According to the department of tourism, this is the first time that such a high number of climbers have taken permission to summit Mt. Manaslu in one season after Manaslu was summited by one of the Japanese alpinists in 1956.

In 2018, 190 climbers from 19 groups had taken permission to scale Manaslu and by the end of 2018, as many as 1817 climbers had successfully climbed the Manaslu peak. The autumn season is considered to be the most suitable season for climbers to summit Manaslu. The number of climbers this year is higher as compared to the climbers last year, said the department of tourism.

The department also divulged that 270 Nepali guides have also taken permission to climb Manaslu peak along with the 280 climbers. The combined number of permitted climbers and guides now headed towards Manaslu is 530 in total.

Meanwhile, 10 climbers have also taken permission to climb Mt Everest and government permission has been granted to least 17 peaks for 395 climbers from 47 groups of 47 countries in this season. Of these climbers, 305 male and 90 female climbers are included. It may be recalled that there was no ascent of Mt Everest in this season.

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