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September 18, 2019

Govt urges climbers to wait until downpour stops 

Manaslu base camp: File photo
Manaslu base camp: File photo

Kathmandu: Nepal government Wednesday urged all mountaineers –who have gone to summit various mountains- to take care of their security in the worsening weather conditions.


The department of tourism, a government wing to look after tourism in Nepal called upon all climbers intending to climb various peaks to resume their climbing only after the end of the downpours which started from Tuesday this week according to a weather report submitted to the government by Weather Forecasting Department.


In a press statement released on Wednesday, the department also alerted all agencies associated with mountaineering against all kinds of consequences occurring due to rainy weather.


In this autumn season, only 398 climbers of 48 groups from 47 countries have taken permission to climb 18 mountains in Nepal. And a larger number of Nepali guides have taken permissions to climb various peaks.


Due to the bad weather conditions followed by incessant rainfalls most of the climbers are reportedly stranded at the base camps. 

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