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September 18, 2019

Nepal’s palatable foods

  • Sushant Lama

Nepal is rich in natural and cultural beauty but traditional foods always have been like a cherry on the top of a cake for tourists when visiting Nepal. Traditional foods have always been cooked and enjoyed in Nepal for generations and it has never failed to impress visitors coming to visit Nepal.

Nepali food is always appreciated by tourists for its uniqueness and health benefits. Nepali foods have influence from both Tibet and North India. In Terai region foods are mostly influenced by North Indian culture and more spices are used.

Similarly, in mountain region foods are influenced by Tibetan culture. In the Hilly region, there are a variety of foods inspired by both Indian and Tibetan culture along with an abundance of unique foods of its own.

Foods in Nepal are different from the rest of the world and here are some of the tastiest foods while you are in Nepal.

Momo: Photo-Lala Gurung


“The Chinese influenced them, the Tibetans invented them, and the Nepalese perfected them.”

Momo is the most popular dish in Nepal which can be found almost anywhere. It is small round dough filled mostly with seasoned meat (vegetables for Vegetarian), neatly folded into a half-moon-like purse or knotted like round pockets and then steamed or fried.

Once steamed it is served with a chutney or a soup sauce made up of tomatoes, chili peppers, and cilantro. It is a perfect dish that makes you feel like heaven and can be enjoyed anytime.

Gundruk and Dhindo

Dhindo and Gundruk
Dhindo and Gundruk: Photo-Avash Piya

If you are in Nepal then it is a must-try dish to experience traditional food. It is traditional Nepali food widely consumed around the Mountain and Hill region of Nepal. It is made by mixing flours of maize with hot water until it is solid. It is similar to an Italian dish Polenta, the only difference is Dhido is mildly solid.

Its taste when taken with vegetable curry, pickle or specially Gundruk( Fermented leaf of green vegetables) is just wonderful. It is served in many restaurants in Nepal.

Daal Bhat Tarkari Achaar

Daal Bhat
Daal Bhat: Photo- Pralhad Karki

It is the most famous Nepalese dish which is eaten two times a day almost everywhere in Nepal. You are served with Daal (Pulse from lentils, beans, peas), Bhaat (steamed rice), Tarkari(Vegetable curry) and Achaar(Pickle) and the taste it gives is classic. Meats of different kinds are also served with it to enhance the taste.

Sel Roti

Sel Roti
Sel Roti: File Photo

Sel Roti is another classic dish of Nepal. It is a ring-shaped sweet dish mostly prepared during Tihar. It is a deep-fried rice flour dough in which sugar and cardamom are mixed in the dough before frying. It can be found in almost every place in Nepal.

Samay Baji

Samay Baji
Samay Baji: Photo- Liya Shrestha

Samay Baji is the most famous Newari dish you will find in Nepal. It consists of Chiura (beaten rice), Choila (marinated meat), fried eggs, spicy potato, spiced beans, fried spinach, black soybeans, finely cut ginger, and Newari alcohol. It is the must-try dish in Nepal which reflects Newari culture.

Aloo Tama

Aloo Tama
Tama: Photo-Joan Chamberlin

Aloo Tama is another popular dish in Nepal made from Aloo (potato), Tama (bamboo shoots) and beans. It is one of the must-try Newari dishes of Nepal which has sourness to its taste. It can be found mostly in Newari restaurants.

Khasi ko Maasu (Mutton curry)

Khasi ko Maasu ( Mutton curry)
Khasi ko Maasu ( Mutton curry): Photo-Pooja Khadka

It is one of the beloved dish made from the meat of Goat. The goat-meat is cooked with onion,ginger-garlic paste, cumin-coriander, tomatoes, and several other spices along with mustard oil to make it delicious and spicy. It is served with steamed rice and is enjoyed all over the country.


Chatamari: Photo-Alina Shakya Pradhan

Chatamari is another Newari cuisine in Nepal. It is round in shape and made from rice flour, meat, egg, and vegetable and is served with other Newari dishes. It is famously called Newari-pizza as it resembles the pizza of the western world.


Yomari: Photo-Satya Shrestha

Yomari is another mouth-watering Newari dish made on the special occasion of Yomari Punhi in the Newari community. It is made with rice flour dumpling of fish shape, filled with sesame seed, Chaku(a sweet made from sugar) or Khuwa(solid milk) and is steamed. It is served hot and gives a heavenly taste. it can be found in Newari hotels in Kathmandu.

Kheer ( Rice Pudding)

Kheer: Photo-Urvashi Raya

It is one of the most famous sweet dish of Nepal prepared during important functions. It is prepared in milk by adding rice, sugar, dried fruit, etc has wonderful taste. Rice pudding eating day is celebrated on July 31

Juju dhau ‘King Curd’

Juju dhau (King of Curd)
Juju dhau (King of Curd)

Juju dhau is the name of the most famous yogurt you will get in Nepal. It is thick, creamy, and sweetened yogurt served in clay pots with dry fruits. It is found in Bhaktapur and it is wonderful. It can be found anywhere in Bhaktapur.



Thukpa is a Tibetan dish. It is a noodle soup seasoned with vegetables and Himalayan spices. It is widely consumed in the Himalayan and hill regions in Nepal and can be found in almost every restaurant.


Tongba: File photo

Tongba is a Tibetan hot beer made from the mixture of fermented millet, barley, and hot water. The alcohol level is between 5% – 10% and can be found in the mountain region as well as in Kathmandu. It is served in a wooden pot with straw in it and is drunk after pouring hot water.

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