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September 18, 2019

The magical spell of Pokali waterfall

Waterfall area can be reached in 3 days

  • Kumbha Raj Rai
Pokali waterfall
Pokali waterfall

Pokali waterfall is the second tallest waterfall in the country arising from very high hills. Anyone who looks at the waterfall wants to get to the bottom of it to enjoy its water. In August, the cold water droplets from waterfalls give you a sweeter feeling than having a ‘shower’ in the bathroom.

Pokali is the second tallest waterfall in the country with height 130m, but it can’t just be described only with its height.  During the rainy season, its beauty makes you forget about everything. It is considered very suitable for canyoning in the spring season from April to May. Pokali waterfall, located in Likhu rural municipality-9, Okhaldhunga, has been listed in the top 100 destinations for the visit year 2020 in Nepal.

Pokali waterfall surrounding
Pokali waterfall surrounding area

The Likhu River flows along the border of Ramechhap and Likhu Rural Municipality. The green fields on the banks of the Likhu River and five hydropower projects made in different parts make Pokali waterfall a must-visit destination for both internal and external tourists. Though many Nepalese have seen Pokali in the postal stamps and envelope, they have not been able to observe it directly. So if you are planning to tour in the visit year 2020 then you can put Pokali on the list.

The legends of Hadi Daha located below the Pokali waterfall, the story of the Ban Jhakri, a visit to the Dudheshwar Mahadev temple, the attraction of Chulivan are very important aspects of the waterfall. Various herbs and Rhododendron found in Chulivan, as well as birds like Danphe, have added waterfall’s beauty. The mixed culture of Sunuwar, Sherpa, Chhetri, Bahun and Shilpi communities can be seen in one place. Pokali word originated from the Sunuwar language. In the local language, ‘Po’ means Pig and ‘Kali’ means nettle.

Pokali waterfall
Pokali waterfall

When Guests are served with nettle leaves found around the Pokali area, round chili, mashed potatoes(Rilduk), and local hen’s meat in homestays, they have always loved it. The Pokali waterfall service community is preparing for the festival because of the tourist year in Pokali waterfall.

If you are not able to visit Pokali waterfall at another time, going to the festival would make you leave the place with the beauty of Pokali and the taste of the countryside of the eastern hills in your eyes, your heart, and your tongue.

Pokali waterfall also can be considered as one of the new and great destinations for cinematography. After 2 p.m. the rainbow created by the sun’s rays from the west around the waterfall is very beautiful.

Waterfall as seen in the Hindi movie ‘Bahubali’, can be seen in Pokali during the rainy season. Three days are enough to visit Pokali waterfall and its surrounding areas. If you wanna travel to Pikey of Solukhumbu via Dembadanda then, it will take around 5-6 days.

How to reach Pokali?

Pokali waterfall
Pokali waterfall

So far, the shortest route to Pokali is going from Ramechhap headquarter, Manthali. It takes a 4-hour drive from Kathmandu to Manthali and from there Pokali can be reached in 3 to 3.5 hours. There may be some problems during the rainy season as the road is not graveled. During the rainy season, it is best if you take a four-wheeled vehicle.

In spring, only small buses reach the Pokali waterfall. Pokali can also be reached on motorcycles. From Kathmandu, you can go to Pokali via Khurkot, Manthali, Dhobi, Sirishe, and Dhade. If you can carry an optional tube and hand pump then it makes offroad motorcycle riding very easy.

Required Material

You don’t have to carry much material to go to Pokali. Two pairs of clothes and one pair of sports shoes is enough during the summer season. Electricity is not reliable, so carrying a power bank as a backup helps you a lot. It is very cold in winter. You should carry Jacket, hats, shoes and required material for Canyoning if you wanna do Canyoning.

Pokali to Pikey trail

Preparations have begun to link the Pokali waterfall to the Pikey of Solukhumbu. It will be named Pokali to Pikey Trail. The road will be constructed from Pokali waterfall to Chuli Gauriban to Dembadaanda and finally up to Pikey of Solukhumbu.

This trail consists of the jungle where Rhododendron and Danphe are seen and 4,200 meters of Pikey peak overlooking the Sagarmatha range. This trail is developing as a new trail for an exciting destination at a minimal cost.

(all photos by Kumbha Raj Rai)

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