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September 20, 2019

Breathtaking river rafting in Nepal’s Bhotekoshi

  • Sushant Lama
Bhotekoshi river rafting
Bhotekoshi river rafting

Bhotekoshi River rafting is one of the most popular and favorite rafting destinations in Nepal. It is one of the recently opened rafting rivers located about 70km east of Kathmandu. It is the steepest and shortest river rafting through some of the most beautiful gorges and valleys.

Bhotekoshi river rafting provides a challenging and thrilling water journey of white water rafting and kayaking that you will not be able to forget in Life. If you need a feeling of an adrenaline rush than this place is perfect for you.

Bhotekoshi river rafting
Bhotekoshi river rafting

Since it is opened recently, natural resources around it are not exploited and are in perfect condition. You can observe many remote and archaeological areas with immense beauty while rafting in the Bhotekoshi River. Aquatic life, vegetation, spectacular views, the soothing sound of river streaming and white water of river will certainly give you enjoyment. Greenfields, terraced hills and local people waving at you from a far distance will melt your heart.

Bhotekoshi river rafting begins from the lower part of Khadichour and ends at Sukute Beach, but the points may be changed according to the season. Generally, Bhote Koshi Rafting is done for 2 days but can be customized according to your wish.

Bhotekoshi river rafting
Bhotekoshi river rafting

It has got some of the most difficult rapids in Nepal ranging from class 3 up to 5 which will give you an adrenaline rush. Not only breathtaking rapids but you have to face other obstacles like small waterfalls, steep chutes, and 90-degree bends which will give you heart-stopping adventure. Upper sections of the rivers are usually separated for extreme rafters due to its difficulty.

Since it is the short adventure trip of 2 days you can add another adventurous trip in the list like Bungee jumping which is conducted in its path, regarded as one of the best adventures in the world.

Best Time

Bhotekoshi rafting is done all year but the most favorable time would be between September to October due to good weather and suitable water level.

 How to get there?

Bhotekoshi River is 3 hours drive away from Kathmandu through Araniko highway. Numerous bents of Araniko highway and beautiful scenery around it is going to give you lots of pleasure even before reaching the starting point at Khadichour


If you are doing a 1-day trip then its US 75$ per person and if you are doing a 2-day trip then the cost is US 110 $.


“The rafting was a wonderful life-changing adrenaline-pumping experience for me. A very safe rafting experience” says, Bidhan from Kathmandu who has reveled in the white water rafting in Bhotekoshi.

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