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September 20, 2019

Tempting Sarangkot -Dhampus trek in Pokhara

  • HB Kham

Sunset view from Sarangkot

Reveling in the Sarangkot-Dhampus trek will give you immense pleasure and fun in Pokhara. Just you have to encounter a low elevation of hardly 1600 meters which can be done in a short drive of 45 minutes from the center of the main Pokhara city.

You can plunge into the shortest trek taking only 5 days. The moments of joy and ecstatic delight begin as you start your trip from Bhedi that has to pass through the sloppy rims of Pokhara city.

Sarankot view of Pokhara
Sarangkot view of Pokhara

Sarankot is situated on the western rim of this town which is said to be the tourist capital city of Nepal, where thousands of tourists throng every year to relish the unforgettable moments of mesmerizing sunrise from the Sarankot point.

The spectacular sight of sunrise at this point makes you feel as if a flower is just sprouting from its main stem. While hiking to the top of Sarankot you will see a green forest of pine and oaks. Tourists from most of the countries of the world are seen here.

The amazing and awesome sight of Mt. Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Hiunchuli and Annapurna can be seen from this viewpoint of Sarankot. Throughout the year, the time is suitable for you to enjoy this short trek. A person of any age can do this trek without any tinge of worry for high altitude sickness.

Sunrise view from Sarankot
Sunrise view from Sarangkot

It is also considered to replace the Annapurna view trek. The ancient rich cultures, the lifestyle of the Gurung community entice you as you pass through Dhampus.

Gurungs are one of the mystical mercenary martial races in Nepal among others who have won the historic laurels of World War I and II by fighting for the British army during British colonial rule in India in the 1920s and 1940s.

Gurung veteran soldiers have won even Victoria Cross -which is one of the highest war gallantry medals given to the soldiers for exhibiting exceptional and exemplary bravery in the war.

These Gurung soldiers were also the part and part of late King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s Gorkha army that annexed the smaller kingdoms of Nepal in the 17th century.

Sarankot-Dhampus trek trail
Sarangkot-Dhampus trek trail

That’s why the soldiers hailing from Nepal were usually chosen from Gurung, Magar, Rai, and Limbu tribes and not from any other tribes in the British army. But these criteria have been altered in recent times.

You can have further deep understanding and observation of this community culture and way of life if you mix and mingle with them for a few moments by interacting with them.

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