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September 29, 2019

Snow boulder forces mountaineers to return from the Everest

A snow boulder
A snow boulder: Photo-Jangbu Tshiri Sherpa

Kathmandu: A large snow boulder forced all the climbers to return from Everest, who had gone to ascend Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse according to Ice-fall doctor Jangbu Tshiri Sherpa.

“Some are already back while some are about to return, we will return everybody by September 30,” said ice-fall doctor, Jangbu Tshiri Sherpa.

Besides snow boulder, bad weather was another reason for the climbers to return. It is said that ascendants returned after seeing the risk of avalanches which may occur anytime around the area.

The large snow boulder was spotted on the way to the Mt. Lola. The Mt. Lola is climbed from the second Everest camp. It was initially seen by the Ice-fall doctors who were making a way for the climbers. They had even made a way up to the second camp by adding 15 ladders along the way.

“When we saw the danger ahead of us, the mountaineers, ice-fall doctors, and the guides agreed to return and then we brought the news to the base camp.” Added Sherpa.

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