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October 2, 2019

Nepal’s Enchanting Rara National Park

  • Sushant Lama
Rara National Park
Rara National Park: Rara lake

Rara National Park is the smallest national park in Nepal with an area of 106 sq. km in Mugu and Jumla district. Established in 1976, it is one of the must-visit places of Nepal enchanted with natural beauty which is enlisted in the top 100 destinations for Nepal visit year 2020.

Located at an elevation from 2,990 m to 4,039 m, Rara National park has Nepal’s largest alpine freshwater lake, Rara Lake.

Subin Bajracharya writes,” Feels like heaven. The lake changes its color with the change in time. The changing color of Rara is breathtaking. A must visit  place.”

Not only Rara Lake, different kinds of vegetation, wildlife, birds and various kind of landscapes will also certainly amaze you after reaching there.

Rara National park is home to 170 species of different plants like Rhododendron, fir, birch species, brown oak, blue pine, Himalayan spruce, black juniper, and Himalayan cypress. Different vegetation like sub-alpine and coniferous seen at various altitudes are amazing to watch.

Rara Lake
Rara Lake: File photo

Due to richness in fauna and birds, Rara National Park is one of the best places to study wildlife. It is like heaven for animals and birds lovers where photography and sightseeing are possible in various places of the Park.

About Rara Lake Keshav Poudel says, “Awesome, breathtaking. One of the best destinations within Nepal to be visited in your lifetime.”

Enlisted in the wetlands of international importance, Rara National Park has 51 species of mammals, 241 species of birds, two species of reptiles and amphibians, and three species of fish.

The endangered species of animals found in this park are a Himalayan black bear, Musk deer, Red panda, leopard cat, Assamese monkey, grey wolf, etc. Common species include Indian leopard, jackal, Himalayan Tahr, yellow-throated marten, otter, dhole, grey langur, and rhesus macaque.

Birds like Coots, great-crested and black-necked grebes, red-crested pochards, mallard, common teal, snow cock, Himalayan monal, Kalij pheasant, and blood pheasant can be easily seen in the National Park.

In 1979, three endemic snow trout species, collected in Rara Lake, was described as a new species and also a frog species Paa rarica was found to be endemic to the lake.

Visitors at Rara Lake resort
Visitors at Rara Lake resort: File photo

Rara National Park is not meant only for the conservation of Rara Lake but also for the conservation of vegetation, wildlife, and socio-economic development of the surrounding regions.

Not only Natural but the Rara National Park is rich in cultural aspects too. Various cultures, traditions, and unique Karnali lifestyles can be observed closely here. Nepali Folk songs of peoples of Mugu and Jumla districts like Lokdeuda, Lokgit, Magal will definitely melt your heart. Traditional songs, Buddhist and Hindu cultures, Traditional attires are attracting lots of tourists in this area.

There are plenty of things to do around National Park. Horse riding, nature walk, cycling, bird watching, and boating in Rara Lake are things not to be missed.

Due to its natural and cultural beauty, Rara National Park offers one of the best trekking experience in Nepal.

How to get there?

You can reach Rara National Park by taking a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj followed by a flight to Talcha Airport. From there Rara Lake can be reached in few hours. You can also choose for a horse ride up to the Rara lake.

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