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October 9, 2019

Delights of the short trek through Langtang valley

  • HB Thapa
Langtang Valley Trek
Langtang Valley

Nepal is well known for its natural beauty endowed with stunning snowcapped mountains including Mt Everest, rivers, natural setting, flora fauna, white water river rafting, world-famous heritages and variety of cultural prosperity across a three-dimensional topography of hill, plains and Terai area.

There are several peaks as high as 7000 meters to above 8000 meters while you may choose to go for short treks within your short schedule and in low budget to many popular trekking destinations which do not entail you to have experience of high altitude including acclimatization and other hassling pre-requisites for trekkers and climbers.

You do not worry about altitude sickness as your short trek will lead you through lower altitudes with great fun of travel.

So, if you running short of time, but decides to arrive in Nepal for a short sojourn to peek at some of the peaks, rivers, and local cultural aspects, you may decide to plunge into the shortest trek to Langtang valley.

Langtang valley is only 19 miles away from Kathmandu and one of the peaks nearest to the capital city of Kathmandu. It is famous as a valley of glaciers. The captivating and spectacular sight of this valley decorated by the snow-covered mountains, raging rivers, green forest of pine and mesmerizing landscape forces you to imagine as if your feet are stepping on a mystical land that corresponds to a paradise-like utopia where even gods envy humans to live as even a heavenly abode perhaps cannot be so delightful as this valley where nature and culture is at its apex to showcase the natural beauty with its immense magnitude and dimension that cannot be fathomed with human mind fragile mind, eyes and vision.

Hence starting an easy and comfortable trek to Langtang valley will prove to be the most ideal trek with a low budget and short time for those who are in the hectic mood.

Syaburbensi is the starting point of this trekking route from where you usually ascend towards Chilime while enjoying the panoramic eye-catching glimpses of stunning sight of Manaslu and Ganesh Himal peaks across the route.

Then you reach Tatopani and can enjoy hot spring and delicious lunch. However, the shot spring has already dried up due to the last earthquake. So we need to wait for its return for a few more years.

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