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October 10, 2019

Enjoying the thrills of Kayaking in Nepal

  • HB Kham
Kayaking in Nepal

Kayaking is generally a water sport specially done by individuals by using a kayak for moving across the water. Kayaks are made up of a special type of plastic that can float in the water with aid buoyancy.

Kayaking is different from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades used in the paddle. Most of the kayaks are closed with the decks.

Kayakers usually float through the water waves with the use of their paddle made up of double blades.

Kayakers paddle through the challenging and difficult raging rapids to venture adventures to make escapades with endless river and hidden treasure of nature.

Kayaking in Nepal
Kayaking in Nepal – Photo: KP Pathak

If you are a lover of kayaking then, Nepal is one of your best destinations to explore and venture with kayaking once in the white water rivers of Nepal.

Kayaking as a water sport not only gives you the pleasure of doing it but also offers you an opportunity to share your feelings and emotions about the enjoyment of your thrills of kayaking with friendly colleagues.

The thrills and excitement of camping by the riverside, breathtaking moments while crossing the rapids, exploring ancient cultures of the local people, surrounding beauty and embracing the nature in its true color are some of the rare moments you will relish while kayaking in Nepal which will make an unforgettable lifetime memoir for you.

Even if you are a novice you can make you debut kayaking in Nepal after undergoing some days training with Nepal’s National white water team.

You can also take the help of an international instructor in Kayaking to support you learn the skills of kayaking so that you may realize your ultimate dreams to kayak in the rivers of Nepal.


Kayaking in Nepal
Kayaking in white water rivers of Nepal

The number of kayakers is increasing in Nepal as Nepal has become the main spot for paddlers. There are so many private agencies that operate kayaking sports in the country. You may visit them or contact them to have your dreams realized.

Nepal has several rivers to offer kayaking sports. To name a few are Mardi Khola, Karnali headwaters, Thuli Bheri, Balephi Khola and Tamur.

So, what are you waiting for? Plunge into your decision right now and take a flight to Nepal instantly. I bet that you will not repent for your instant decision and determination.

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